1. Jane- Vintage Stacked Books
  2. Rustic Charm- Heart Scatter
  3. A Little Sparkle {Papers}- Paper 1
  4. A Little Sparkle {Papers}- Paper 2
  5. Woodland Winter- Watercolor Paper Red
  6. Be Bold Elements- Floral Scroll Arrow Label
  7. World Traveler Paper 740
  8. Rustic Charm- Flower Button
  9. Birthday Wishes- Blue Cupcake
  10. Woodland Winter- Blue Animals Paper
  11. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Circle Reindeer Tag
  12. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Red And Yellow Poinsettia With Gem
  13. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Gold Fabric Accordion Flower
  14. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- "HoHoHo" Word Art
  15. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Red Fabric Bow
  16. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Red Glitter Ball
  17. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Gold Metal Christmas Tree With Beads
  18. Furry Friends- Kitty- Paint Spatter 01
  19. Woodland Winter- Black Berries Paper
  20. Woodland Winter- Red Heart Stitch
  21. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Red Arrow
  22. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Red Felt Flower
  23. Lovestruck- Paper Heart Arrows
  24. Furry Friends- Kitty- Yarn Sticker
  25. Furry Friends- Kitty- Paint Spatter 02
  26. Furry Friends- Kitty- Kitty Love Word Art
  27. Oregonian Silk Flower- Red
  28. Woodland Winter- Trees Journal Card
  29. Summer Daydreams- Paper- Colorful Chevrons
  30. School Fun- Colorful Banner
  31. Woodland Winter- Branch Doodle 10
  32. Kitty- Journal Card- List 1 to 5- 3 x 4
  33. Furry Friends- Kitty- I Love My Kitty Word Art
  34. Quick Pages Kit #9 Palestine- 02
  35. Look, A Book!- Pink Doodles Paper
  36. Furry Friends- Kitty- Cat Face Paper
  37. Rustic Charm Album Pages- Page 03 PSD
  38. World Traveler Paper 734
  39. Oh Baby, Baby- Blue Cloud Paper
  40. Oh Baby, Baby- Felt Choo-Choo