1. Here & Now Label- Black Stripes
  2. Ride A Bike Word Bits- This Photo
  3. At The Fair- Cotton Candy Label- Template
  4. At The Fair- Label- Template
  5. Here & Now Label- Red Heart Pencil
  6. Brothers and Sisters- Love This Tag
  7. Brothers And Sisters-Label- Speech Bubble
  8. Cruising Elements- Heart Label (L)
  9. Chinese New Year Journal Card 04
  10. Earth Day- Hearts Label
  11. Sweet Dreams- Label- Day Is Done
  12. Sand And Beach- Documented Tab
  13. Oh Baby, Baby- Little Prince Label
  14. Sweet Summer Label
  15. Sand & Beach Elements- Click Click Click Label
  16. Heat Wave Elements- Hot Summer Label
  17. Heat Wave Elements- Look Here Label
  18. Heat Wave Elements- Too Hot Label
  19. Heat Wave Elements- We're Here Label
  20. At The Fait- Label- Red
  21. At The Fair- Here We Go
  22. At The Fair- Spin Label
  23. One Of A Kind- Be You- Label
  24. One Of A Kind- Just Because
  25. Family Tag- Ancestry
  26. Here & Now Label- Blue Heart
  27. Here & Now Label- Hexigon
  28. Here & Now- Paint Chip Pocket Card- 3x4- Seafoam
  29. Brothers and Sisters- Highlights From Today Tag
  30. Brothers and Sisters- Favorite Tag
  31. Brothers and Sisters- Everyday of the week Tag
  32. Brothers and Sisters- Snapshot Tag
  33. Sand And Beach- Today At The Beach Journal Label
  34. World Cup Label- I Love Football
  35. Ride A Bike- Tag 02
  36. Delightful- Savoring The Season- Label
  37. Autumn Art- The Moment Is Now Tag
  38. Winter Arabesque Label- Deer
  39. Taiwan Sign- Stop & Smile
  40. Taiwan Sign- Scenic Overlook