1. Sweater Weather Papers- Wood
  2. Birthday Wishes- Balloon Cluster
  3. Jane- Word Art- I Love This Moment Arrow
  4. Outdoor Adventures- Stamp- Brown Hiker Tracks
  5. Birthday Wishes- Banner 'Birthday'
  6. Birthday Wishes- Birthday Cake Sticker
  7. Birthday Wishes- Birthday Girl Word Art
  8. Shine- Photo Mask 02 Template
  9. Rustic Charm Feb 2015 Blog Train Mini Kit- Burlap and Tulle Flower
  10. Whitewash Overlay/Paper Template
  11. Shine- Photo Mask 01 Template
  12. Rustic Charm Feb 2015 Blog Train Mini Kit- Burlap Doily
  13. Shine- Gold Words- Love
  14. Birthday Wishes- Banner 'Happy'
  15. Birthday Wishes- Happy Birthday To You Balloons
  16. Shine- Shabby White Wood Frame
  17. Shine- White and Gold Shabby Frame
  18. Sweater Weather Papers- Red Gingham
  19. Vintage Frames Set 02- Frame 02- Dark Brown
  20. Shine- Burlap Paper- Tan
  21. Shine- Gold Words- Beautiful
  22. Jane- Word Art- Pink Date Label
  23. Jane- Word Art- Plain & Simple Tag
  24. Shine- Word Art- Lovely
  25. Speed Zone- Road Border
  26. Outdoor Adventures- Stamp- Compass
  27. Shine- Burlap Paper- Brown
  28. Shine- Burlap paper- Light Teal
  29. Spring Floral Overlay/Paper Template
  30. Jane- Large White Torn Paper
  31. Jane- Tan Metal Border
  32. Shine- Paint 02 Template
  33. Shine- Wood Tab- Love
  34. Turkey Time- Berry Branch
  35. Outdoor Adventures- Stamp- Bear Tracks
  36. Outdoor Adventures- Stamp- Brown Arrow Doodle
  37. Shine- Burlap Paper- Gold
  38. Spookalicious- Element Template- Striped String Template
  39. Birthday Wishes- Yellow Frilled Paper Flower
  40. Birthday Wishes- Celebrate Label