1. Summer School Boys- paper 4
  2. Jeonju- paper dots
  3. Summer in Jeonju Palette
  4. Light Blue Button
  5. It's Elementary, My Dear- Handprints Paper
  6. Cupcake Palette
  7. Neon- paper light blue
  8. At The Fair Mini- Dots Paper
  9. My Baptism- Blue Doily
  10. It's Elementary, My Dear- Rainbow Painted Arrows 01
  11. Summer Fields Teal Painted Paper
  12. At The Fair Mini- Newsprint Paper
  13. Oh Lucky Day- Rainbow Flag Banner
  14. My Baptism- Honeycomb Paper
  15. Frozen Paper Leaves
  16. Sweater Weather Papers- Blue Ornate Snow Flakes
  17. Malaysia Tag- Butterflies
  18. Sweater Weather Papers- Blue With White Snowflakes
  19. Space Explorer- Rocket Ship 01
  20. Tan Polka Dot 18 Paper
  21. Sweater Weather Papers- Colorful Snowflakes
  22. Oh Baby, Baby- Blue Room Paper 2
  23. My Baptism- Light Blue Flower
  24. Frozen Paper Paint- Blue
  25. Bird Blue- Our House Elements
  26. Cruising Elements- Ship Sticker
  27. At The Fair- Paper- Lines- Chevron
  28. Inspire Paper Flower- Multi Colored
  29. My Baptism- Blue Ribbon With Bow
  30. At The Fair- Paper- Polka Dots Multi
  31. My Baptism- Blue Polka Dot Bow
  32. Earth Day- Blue Felt Cloud
  33. Inspire Clusters- Arrow
  34. Sand & Beach- Gold Fish- Journal Card
  35. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Dark Blue Grid Paper
  36. Challenged Ribbon- Heart
  37. Inspire Frame- Blue & Pink
  38. Change Flower- Light Blue
  39. Malaysia Tag- Blue & Striped
  40. Lil Monster Blue Solid paper