1. Many Thanks- Birds
  2. Jane- Collage 1 Painted Paper
  3. Earth Day Mini- Heart Tree Sticker
  4. Earth Day- Ripped Papers
  5. Meet Me In Paris- Paper- Tree
  6. Lovestruck- Paper Hearts
  7. Oh Baby, Baby- Blue Room Paper 2
  8. The Lucky One- Unshaddowed Bunting
  9. At The Fair Mini- Carnival
  10. Pond Life- Flowers
  11. Many Thanks- Paint Splat 3
  12. Pond Life- Green Floral Paper
  13. Many Thanks- Solid Light Green Paper
  14. Be Mine- Mint Sparkly Paper
  15. Quilted With Love- Vintage Sewing Machine
  16. My Baptism- Light Green Flower
  17. The Lucky One- Shaddowed Bunting
  18. My Baptism- Paper Leafy Branch- Light Green
  19. Look, A Book!- Rainbow Dots 2
  20. Pond Life- Green Plaid Paper
  21. Earth Day- Painted Heart
  22. Pond Life- Project Life Card 2
  23. Dream Big- Paper- Light Beams
  24. Be Mine- Mint Plaid Fabric Paper
  25. Lil Monster Green Solid paper
  26. Vietnam Frame- Wavy
  27. Pond Life- Leaf Trim
  28. Pond Life- Ammonit
  29. Sweater Weather Papers- Snow Trees
  30. Earth Day- Painted Ripped Paper Border
  31. Look, A Book!- White ABC Paper
  32. Dino Journal Card- T Rex
  33. Look, A Book!- Rainbow Dots Paper
  34. Many Thanks- Washi Tape
  35. Pond Life- Green Striped Paper
  36. Enchanted- Green Swirl Paper
  37. Look, A Book!- Blue Doodles Paper
  38. Be Mine- Mint Doily
  39. Yellow Floral Pond Life Paper
  40. Be Mine- Mint Heart Lace