1. I Love You Man- Pearl Arrow
  2. Dream Big- Journal Card- Stars
  3. Dream Big- Journal Card- Think Big
  4. Dream Big- Journal Card- Twinkle
  5. Dream Big-Journal Card- Dream Sparkle Shine
  6. Chills & Thrills Mini Autumn Plaid Paper
  7. I Love You, Man | Journal Card 10
  8. I Love You Man- Ampersand- Label 02
  9. I Love You Man- Family- Label
  10. I Love You Man- Hero- Label
  11. I Love You Man- Hugs and Kisses- Label
  12. I Love You Man- Memories- Label
  13. I Love You Man- Mentor- Label
  14. I Love You Man- Photo Notes- Label
  15. I Love You Man- Things We Learned From Dad- Label
  16. Oh Baby Baby- Memories- Journal Card
  17. Oh Baby Baby- Quote Card
  18. Oh Baby Baby- This Happened- Journal Card
  19. Oh Baby Baby- This Moment- Journal Card
  20. Oh Baby Baby- Twinkle Twinkle Little- Journaling Card
  21. Plastic Glitter Alpha- Champagne
  22. Chills & Thrills- Paint 13
  23. Winter Wonderland- Cream Card Stock
  24. Winter Wonderland- Cream Wood Paper
  25. It's The Magic: Fairy Tales Edition- Paper 01
  26. It's The Magic: Fairy Tales Edition- Paper 03
  27. At The Fair Journal Cards- Journal Card 10
  28. Bolivia Label- A Story To Tell
  29. The Veggie Patch- Solid Beige Paper
  30. Autumn Art Cards Kit- I Still Fall Journal Card
  31. Buried Treasures- Key To My Heart- Tag
  32. Buried Treasures- Leaf Circle
  33. Buried Treasures- Lined Label 02
  34. AtTheFair-AddOn-Frame-Blue Banner
  35. AtTheFair-AddOn-Frame2
  36. AtTheFair-Arrow-Zigzag
  37. AtTheFair-CarouselHorse-Green
  38. AtTheFair-CarouselHorse-Red
  39. AtTheFair-Flag-Polkadots-Multi
  40. The Nutcracker Mini 1- Gift Doodle 2