1. The Lucky One- Dark Teal Cardstock
  2. The Lucky One- Light Teal Cardstock
  3. The Lucky One- Medium Green Cardstock
  4. The Lucky One- Medium Light Green Cardstock
  5. The Lucky One- Red Cardstock
  6. The Lucky One- White Cardstock
  7. The Lucky One- Yellow Cardstock
  8. Paper 408 Template- Flowers
  9. Paper 409 Template- Flowers
  10. Paper 410 Template- Leaves
  11. Where Flowers Bloom- Words Paper
  12. Where Flowers Bloom- Giant Flower Paper
  13. Where Flowers Bloom- Spiral Paper
  14. Where Flowers Bloom- Giant Leaves Paper
  15. Where Flowers Bloom- Paint Border Paper
  16. Jolly- Circles Paper
  17. Jolly- Candy Canes Paper
  18. Jolly- Striped Paper
  19. Jolly- Argyle Paper
  20. Jolly- Diamond Paper
  21. Jolly- Geometric Paper
  22. Jolly- Wavy Paper
  23. Jolly- Stripes Paper
  24. Jolly- Squares Paper
  25. Jolly- Houndstooth Paper
  26. Nutcracker Mini Kit- Green Houndstooth Paper
  27. Nutcracker Mini Kit- Ledger Paper
  28. Nutcracker Mini Kit- Purple Circles Paper
  29. Nutcracker Mini Kit- Blue Heart Paper
  30. No Tricks, Just Treats Add-on- Paper- Vintage Candy Corn
  31. Nor Tricks, Just Treats Add-on- Black & White Damask Paper
  32. No Tricks, Just Treats Add-On- Orange Spider Web Paper
  33. Nutcracker Mini Kit- Large Diagonal Striped Paper
  34. Autumn Art Glitters- Blue 12x12 Paper
  35. Autumn Art Glitter- Gold 12x12 Paper
  36. Autumn Art Glitter- Green 12x12 Paper
  37. Autumn Art Glitter- Orange 12x12 Paper
  38. Autumn Art Glitter- Purple1 12x12 Paper
  39. Autumn Art Glitter- Purple2 12x12 Paper
  40. Autumn Art Glitter- Blue Seamless