1. Garden Party- Brown Lace
  2. Garden Party- Cream Lace
  3. Garden Party- Dark Orange Lace
  4. Garden Party- Green Lace
  5. Garden Party- Orange Lace
  6. Garden Party- Pink Lace
  7. Garden Party- Purple Lace
  8. Garden Party- Yellow Lace
  9. Garden Party- Blue Lace
  10. Birthday Wishes- Polka Dot Numbers
  11. Yellow Polka Dot Flower
  12. Here & Now Washi Tape- Polka Dots
  13. One Stop Bunting Shop- Blue Polka Dot Tie
  14. Lace Template 007
  15. Nutcracker Tape- Blue & White
  16. Furry Friends- Kitty- Red Painted Polka Dot Paper
  17. Furry Friends- Kitty- March 2015 Blog Train Mini Kit- Polka Dot Paper Rose
  18. Dream Big Collag- Blue Polka Dot Bow
  19. Quick Pages Kit #15- A
  20. Work Day Journal Cards- Getting Things Done
  21. Strawberry Fields- Brown Dot Brad
  22. Strawberry Fields- Dark Green Dot Brad
  23. Egypt Frames- Polka Dots
  24. Hot Air Balloon- Polka Dots Paper
  25. AtTheFair-Paper-Stripes-Dots
  26. Garden Party- Branch Doodle
  27. Our House- Pink Polka Dot Ribbon
  28. Dark Blue Striped Dots Paper
  29. Dark Purple Striped Dots Paper
  30. Green Striped Dots Paper
  31. Light Blue Striped Dots Paper
  32. Orange Striped Dots Paper
  33. Yellow Striped Dots Paper
  34. Birdhouse Element Leather Butterfly
  35. Quick Pages Kit #12 At The Wadi Bundle- 03
  36. DSF Aug 2012 Blue Polka Dot 11 Paper
  37. DSF Aug 2012 Red & Orange Polka Dot 23 Paper
  38. No Tricks, Just Treats- White and Green Polkadot Clip
  39. No Tricks, Just Treats- Tan and White Polkadot Clip
  40. No Tricks, Just Treats- White and Orange Polkadot Clip