1. Light Teal Dots Paper
  2. Orange Polka Dot Washi Tape
  3. Round Red Polka Dot Pendant
  4. Turquoise Polka Dot Brad
  5. Already There- Layered Washi Tape Template- Confetti
  6. Snow Day Frame Teal
  7. Swirly Dots Template
  8. Damask Dots Distressed Template 001
  9. Damask Dots Distressed Template 002
  10. Ornament Dots Template
  11. Swirly Dots and Dots Distressed Template
  12. Snow Day Damask Dots Gray Paper
  13. Snow Day Ornament Dot Gray Green Paper
  14. Snow Day Green Glitter Dots Paper
  15. Snow Day Damask Dots Red Paper
  16. Snow Day Tan Paper with Teal Glitter Dots
  17. Snow Day Damask Teal Paper
  18. Snow Day Red Swirly Dots Teal Paper
  19. Snow Day Glitter Dots Green
  20. Snow Day Glitter Dots Red
  21. Snow Day Glitter Dots Tan
  22. Snow Day Glitter Dots Teal
  23. Snow Day Knit Hat
  24. Tag Blank- Gray
  25. Tiny, But Mighty- Bubble Paint 2
  26. Tiny, But Mighty- Bubble Paint 1
  27. Basketball Paper Dots Circles- Orange
  28. Color Basics Paper Circles Yellow
  29. Paper Dots Circles Distressed Green Blue Red
  30. Paper Dots Circles Distressed Tan Red
  31. Snow Day File Tab Green
  32. Snow Day File Tab Teal
  33. Snow Day Gray Green Dots Paper
  34. Snow Day Gray Teal Swirls Red Dots Paper
  35. Snow Day Green Pattern Teal Dots Paper
  36. Snow Day Green Teal Dots Paper
  37. Snow Day Vintage Sled
  38. Snow Day Teal Dots Red Paper
  39. Snow Day Green Damask Tan Paper
  40. Ribbon Template 003