1. Bright Days Scribble Alpha
  2. It's The Magic: Fairy Tales Edition- Carriage
  3. Winter Arabesque Butterfly- Teal
  4. City Bicycle- Floral Paper- Multicolor
  5. Oh Lucky Day- Shamrocks02 Paper
  6. Oh Lucky Day- Teal Clover Brad
  7. The Lucky One- Shaddowed Bunting
  8. Many Thanks- Birds
  9. Slovenia Journal Cards- Castles (Landscape 4x6)
  10. School Fun- Journal Card- Banner
  11. Summer Daydreams- Hot Air Ballon
  12. Enchanted- Colorful Roses Paper
  13. Enchanted- Teal Hair Fairy
  14. Sweet Valentine Heart Arrow
  15. Sweet Valentine Elements- Yellow and Teal Flower
  16. Bright Days Grid- Butterfly Journal Card (H)
  17. Bright Days Grid- Butterfly Journal Card (V)
  18. Christmas Memories- Teal Wood Paper
  19. Many Thanks Journal Card 3
  20. Many Thanks Multi-Colored Dot Paper
  21. Distressed 26 Paper- Teal & White
  22. Distressed 13 Paper- Teal
  23. Flower Set 12- Yellow
  24. Flower Set 12- Teal
  25. Chinese New Year- Bamboo 02
  26. Chinese New Year- Bamboo 03
  27. Tiny, But Mighty- Teal Baby Footprint
  28. The Best Is Yet To Come- Diagonal Criss Cross Pattern Paper
  29. The Best Is Yet To Come- Butterfly
  30. The Best Is Yet To Come- Teal Yellow Accordian Flower
  31. Oh Lucky Day- Light Teal Checks Paper
  32. The Best is Yet To Come Mini Paper Solid- Teal
  33. Coastal Banner
  34. Coastal- Stars Paper
  35. The Lucky One- Orange Vine Corner
  36. The Lucky One- Shamrock Sticker
  37. The Lucky One- Unshaddowed Bunting
  38. Winter Arabesque Snowflake Paper
  39. Garden Party- Teal Glitter Paper
  40. Garden Party Mini Kit- List Journal Card