1. Good Day- Papers- Painted Strokes
  2. Good Day- Elements- Paper Star
  3. Good Day Flower 124
  4. Good Day- Journal Cards- Do More What Makes You Happy
  5. Good Day Label 4
  6. Good Day Word Art The Best
  7. Good Day Paper 04
  8. Good Day Solid Paper Gradient 2
  9. Heat Wave Papers- Patterned Paper 02
  10. Video Game Valentine Mini- Bunting
  11. Outdoor Adventures- Fox Sticker
  12. Polka Dots 21 Paper- Belgium
  13. Furry Friends- Kitty- Colorful Horizontal Stripes Paper
  14. TPL Paper Polka Dots 35 Orange
  15. Furry Friends- Kitty- Yellow Fish & Bones Paper
  16. Animal Kingdom- Dog
  17. Oh Baby, Baby- Wood Paper
  18. At The Fair Papers- Paper02
  19. Outdoor Adventures- Campfire Sticker
  20. Garden Party- Journal Card 2
  21. Garden Party- Journal Card 5
  22. Our House- Kraft Collage Paper
  23. Video Game Valentine Washi- Tetris
  24. Love At First Sight- Journal Card Heart- Landscape
  25. Mexico- Doodle Flowers Paper
  26. Oh Baby, Baby- Word Scramble Pink Paper
  27. Oh Baby, Baby- Felt Choo-Choo
  28. Sand And Beach- Sunglasses Orange
  29. Sand And Beach- Starfish 1
  30. Oh Baby Baby- Orange Grid Paper
  31. Garden Party Journal Cards- Pink & Orange Flower Card
  32. August Garden Party- Flower Party Paper
  33. August Garden Party- Petunias Paper
  34. Outdoor Adventures- Word Art- Camping
  35. At the Fair- Ice Cream Brad
  36. Look, A Book!- Orange Enamel Flower
  37. Turkey Time- Orange Skinny Oak Leaf
  38. Turkey Time- Yellow Acorn
  39. Turkey Time- Yum Label
  40. Ride A Bike- Triangles Paper