1. Sweet Dreams- Solid Papers- Solid Blue Peach
  2. Back To Basics- Rectangle 1 Label 05
  3. Design Pieces No. 6- Gem
  4. Create Something- Elements- Rose Petal Scatter
  5. Back To Basics- Rectangle 2 Label 05
  6. Rainy Days Solid Paper- Bokeh Peach
  7. Enchanted- Briar Rose Flower Child
  8. Love At First Sight- Journal Card Love- Portrait
  9. Love At First Sight- Journal Card Blue
  10. Love At First Sight- Journal Card Peach
  11. Love At First Sight- Tag Love at First Sight
  12. Sweet Dreams- Elements- Peach Frame
  13. Work Day Journal Cards- Paper Clips (Vertical)
  14. Challenged Paper- Floral
  15. Create Something- Elements- Painted Feather
  16. Create Something- Paper- Do All Things With Love
  17. Back To Basics- Love This Label 05
  18. Back To Basics- Right Here, Right Now Label 05
  19. Tiny, But Mighty- Sleeping Baby Boy Doodle
  20. Hello!- Black Talk Bubble
  21. Love At First Sight- Journal Card Heart- Landscape
  22. Love At First Sight- Pink Paper Bicycles
  23. Already There Paper- Pastel Chevron Paper
  24. Change Paper- Circles 31
  25. Autumn Day- Elements- Pearl
  26. Already There Journal Card 1- Doodles
  27. Already There Journal Card 1- Plaid
  28. Already There Journal Card 1- Vespa
  29. Already There Journal Card 2- Look Around
  30. Back To Basics Labels- Favorite Label 5
  31. Egypt- Away We Go Journal Card
  32. Egypt- Geometric Paper- Brown
  33. Heat Wave Elements- Speech Note Paper
  34. At The Fair- Carnival Invitation
  35. Pond Life- Flowers
  36. A Little Sparkle {Elements}- Peach And Pink Paper Flower
  37. Good Day- Papers- Painted Chevron
  38. Create Something- Papers- Destiny
  39. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Crayons
  40. DST Nov 2013- Carnation Packet