1. Grandma's Kitchen- Journal Card 12
  2. Mix Buttons No.2- Button 17
  3. Button Mix Set 01- Button 04- Aqua Flower
  4. Button Mix Set 01- Blue Button # 10- Striated
  5. Plastic Glitter Heart- Aqua
  6. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Aqua Words Solid Paper
  7. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Fabric Butterfly
  8. It's Elementary, My Dear- Colorful ABCs Washi Tape Kit
  9. Rainy Days- Rain Boots Illustration
  10. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Floral Cardstock
  11. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 1
  12. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 2
  13. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Crayons
  14. Deck The Halls- Colored Lights
  15. Deck The Halls- Ribbon Packages
  16. Rainy Days Papers- Navy Clouds
  17. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Bead Scatter
  18. The Best Is Yet To Come- Small Chevron Paper 2
  19. The Best Is Yet To Come- Striped Ribbon
  20. Many Thanks Journal Card 1
  21. Oh Baby Baby- Solid Blue Paper
  22. Button Mix Set 01- Aqua 4 Hole Button # 05
  23. Be Bold Journal Cards- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned 3x4 Journal Card- Card 2
  24. Be Bold Journal Cards- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned 4x6 Journal Card- Card 2
  25. Reflections Mini Kit- Beautiful Spring Word Art
  26. Reflections Mini Kit- Bloom Word Art
  27. Earth Day Solid Teal Paper 02
  28. Color Basics Paper Circles Big Aqua
  29. Color Basics Paper Circles Aqua
  30. Color Basics Paper Canvas Grunge Aqua
  31. Color Basics Paper Glitter Aqua
  32. Color Basics Paper Halftone Aqua
  33. Color Basics File Tab Left Aqua
  34. Color Basics File Tab Middle Aqua
  35. Color Basics File Tab Right Aqua
  36. Color Basics Ribbon Gingham 01 Aqua
  37. Color Basics Ribbon Gingham 02 Aqua
  38. Color Basics Ribbon Knot Aqua
  39. Color Basics Ribbon Stitch Aqua
  40. Color Basics Ribbon Aqua