1. Woodland Winter- Ornamental Ribbon
  2. Look, A Book!- Blue Ribbon
  3. It's Elementary, My Dear- Rainbow Ribbon Border 01
  4. Independence- Blue Bead
  5. Garden Party- Blue Bow
  6. It's Elementary, My Dear- Blue Ribbon 01
  7. It's Elementary, My Dear- ABC Ribbon
  8. It's Elementary, My Dear- Rainbow Ribbon
  9. Quilted With Love- Blue Ric Rac Ribbon
  10. Quilted With Love- Blue Ribbon
  11. Earth Day- Clouds Ribbon
  12. Earth Day- United Earth Day Ribbon
  13. Earth Day- Pink Globe Ribbon
  14. Oh Baby Flower Ribbon
  15. Oh Baby Ornamental Ribbon
  16. Garden Party- Striped Bow 2
  17. Our House- Heart Ribbon
  18. Our House- Plaid Ribbon
  19. The Nutcracker- Blue Striped Ribbon