1. Spookalicious- Black/White Striped Bow
  2. Spookalicious- Black/White Striped Ribbon
  3. Spookalicious- Black/White Striped String
  4. Spookalicious- Black/White Striped String Bow
  5. Spookalicious- Blue Doily Shape Stamp
  6. Spookalicious- Blue Gem
  7. Spookalicious- Blue Striped Accordian Flower
  8. Dream Big Collab- Journal Card- Criss-Cross
  9. Jolly- Festive Paper
  10. Jolly- Teardrop Paper
  11. Dream Big Collab- Damask Lace Paper- Blue/White
  12. Jolly- Lights Paper
  13. Dream Big Collab- Blue & Yellow Paper- Criss Cross Diagonal Lines
  14. Dream Big Collag- Blue Polka Dot Bow
  15. Dream Big Collab- Butterfly- Green and White
  16. Dream Big Collab- Diamond Star Scatter
  17. Dream Big Collab- Flower Banner
  18. Dream Big Collab- Little White Flower with Gem
  19. Dream Big- Journal Card-Shine
  20. Dream Big- Journal Card- Stars
  21. Dream Big- Journal Card- Think Big
  22. Dream Big- Journal Card- Think Cloud
  23. Dream Big- Journal Card- Twinkle
  24. Dream Big-Journal Card- Dream Sparkle Shine
  25. Dream Big- Tag- Light Up
  26. Dream Big- Paper- Light Bulb
  27. Dream Big-Paper-Text
  28. Dream Big-Sticker-Light Bulb
  29. Dream Big-Tag-Dream Big
  30. Dream Big-Wordart- Dreamer- Paint Black
  31. Dream Big- Wordart- Dreamer- Paint Blue
  32. Dream Big- Wordart- Dreamer- Paint White
  33. Dream Big- Moon
  34. Chills & Thrills Mini Purple Distressed Paper
  35. Chills & Thrills Mini Autumn Plaid Paper
  36. Chills & Thrills Mini White Frame
  37. Wood 004 Texture
  38. Slovenia Journal Cards- A Little Magic
  39. Slovenia Journal Cards- Fairytale
  40. Slovenia Journal Cards- Castles (Landscape 4x6)