Themed Kits and Collections of Elements, Embellishments, and More

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  1. Kumbaya Mini Kit
  2. Kumbaya Solid Paper
  3. Kumbaya Pattern Paper
  4. Kumbaya Labels and Words
  1. Kumbaya Kids
  2. Kumbaya Frames
  3. Kumbaya Flowers
  4. Kumbaya Calendars
  1. The Good Life: June 2020 Journal Me Kit
  2. The Good Life: June 2020 Solid & Plaid Papers Kit
  3. The Good Life: June 2020 Papers Kit
  4. The Good Life: June 2020 Tags & Stickers Kit
  1. The Good Life: June 2020 Alphas Kit
  2. The Good Life: June 2020 Print Kit
  3. The Good Life: June 2020 Labels & Words Kit
  4. The Good Life: June 2020 Elements Kit
  1. The Good Life: June 2020 Mini Kit
  2. The Good Life: June 2020 Stamps Kit
  3. The Good Life: June 2020 Clusters Kit
  4. The Good Life: June 2020 Calendars Kit
  1. The Good Life: June 2020 Pocket Cards Kit
  2. The Good Life: June 2020 Dashboards Kit
  3. The Good Life: June 2020 Bundle
  4. Kumbaya June 2020 Blog Train Mini Kit
  1. Retro Picnic Elements
  2. Retro Picnic Plaid Papers
  3. Retro Picnic Solid Papers
  4. Retro Picnic Mini Kit
  1. Retro Picnic Journal Cards
  2. Retro Picnic Clusters
  3. Retro Picnic: Papers
  4. Kumbaya- Alphas
  1. Kumbaya- Solid Papers
  2. Mix Elements #01
  3. Rainbow Shadow Photoshop Actions
  4. Flowers No.30
  1. Paper Templates Kit #240
  2. Alpha Template Kit #60
  3. Bearly Spring (Bundle)
  4. Sybil Paper Kit


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We’re so glad you’re here to check out our fantastic collection of bundles and kits of some of the highest-quality graphics on the web! We’re confident you’ll find something you’ll enjoy, with our wildly broad range of designs and themes. Have you or a friend recently had a baby? Or maybe it’s someone’s birthday? I bet your partner is an athlete or an artist! Are you looking for word art? Journal cards? Maybe papers or templates? We have it all! And we offer PNG, JPG, PSD, EPS, SVG and more! Whether you’re looking for a specific theme or format - we have options. Or, if you just want to peruse around till you find something that catches your eye, you can do that too!

Over on the left you’ll see a variety of search facets to help you narrow your search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find something you like, you can click on the thumbnail image and it will take you through to that kit’s page so you can download it. You will, however, need one of our subscriptions to unlock kit and bundle downloads. If you haven’t purchased one yet, you can waltz on over to this page to do so. You’ll see that we offer two licenses, a Personal Use and Commercial Use - both incredibly open and generous (you can read more about those here). We believe our subscription is the best bang for your buck in the whole digital scrapbooking market! Just take a look at our prices, and how many kits you can download for that price in just one month. Calculate it out. Is there anywhere that you can get kits and graphics the quality of ours that’s for a price like that?! We challenge you to try and find a store that has such offerings for such a steal!

Don’t forget that this all takes place in one of the richest online communities you’ll find. We don’t believe in isolation - in art or in life! Here at Pixel Scrapper we seek to foster a community of artists who build up and encourage, who learn from and inspire each other, who are open hearted and can be there for one another, both in art and in broader life circumstances. So if you’re liking the look of what you see, but are maybe a little intimidated to go after scrapbooking because you haven’t done much of it before, have no fear! You can pop over to our forums at any time and ask any question you like. Our friendly community will respond quickly and thoroughly to any questions regarding graphics, software, art in general, or whatever it may be you’re seeking.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, and enjoy taking a look at all our wonderful kits!