Gallery | Layouts, Examples, and More

  1. Then and Now
  2. Poppy Field
  3. Just Go
  4. 2012-07-07 Eyes Of Freedom LotsaPhotos10_03
  5. Espresso Yourself
  6. Who Knew
  7. 2012-07-25 Kolten Fun JBS_LifePages3_01
  8. Steven Photo Shoot
  9. Autumn Splendor
  10. Songs of Worship Travelers Notebook: Before the Day
  11. Wave kissed
  12. summertime splash
  13. celebration
  14. In The Jeans
  15. Sweet Girl
  16. Dance With Me
  17. Life
  18. romance
  19. Relationships
  20. Class of 2002
  21. Live life in full bloom (Lush Lavender)
  22. Perfect
  23. Steven and Horton
  24. Bubbles All Gone
  25. Rainy day
  26. Family 4
  27. Grampa Steve and Steven
  28. Paint Night
  29. School Memories
  30. Carroll Beach
  31. Happy Memories
  32. Wild Vanuatu
  33. Beach Life
  34. Wave Kissed
  35. Steven Mini Fridge
  36. Ethan Ocean
  37. Happy Trails
  38. Carroll Dandelion
  39. Spread your wings
  40. Story of an apricot


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The gallery is one of our favorite spots at Pixel Scrapper, and we’re so glad you’re here to take a look! When we built Pixel Scrapper, we were wanting to create an online community around digital scrapbooking, a place where those who love to scrapbook or digital art of any kind could gather to inspire and encourage one another (you can read more about that in our manifesto). We think one of the best ways to do that is through sharing our work - all the amazing projects that people have poured themselves into. And that’s what the gallery is meant to be! A place where people can share the beautiful layouts and digital scrapbook examples that they’ve created and have others heart and comment on them, so we can celebrate each other’s creativity and growth.

To contribute layouts to the gallery you will have to both be a registered user on the site, then you’ll need to apply to the gallery, which you can do through your profile. This requirement is not meant all to exclude anyone! Rather, as we seek to build a real community where people know and are known, the expectations that you’ll participate on some level in the broader community is there to protect and build connection, not the opposite. We want all you amazing creatives to be a part of what we’re doing here! So to participate you’ll first be expected to have at least 25 community points (Learn more about community points). Introduce yourself to us. And read and comply with our profile expectations.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to share your work, whether digital or hybrid, scrapbook layout, planner, or cards. You’ll also be able to enter our awesome Pixel Scrapper challenges. And if you have work including graphics from other sites and designers than our own, no worries! It’s an open gallery, so you can share work that you made using items from anywhere. We want to foster as much connection and openness in the digital scrapbooking world as we can, as we believe in relationship and generosity. =)

If this all sounds like a lot, don’t worry! You’ll catch on quick. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. ;) And you can always read more over on our useful help page. (And don’t be scared to reach out to our amazing support team either).

So once again, welcome to Pixel Scrapper! We hope you’ll jump in and enjoy our gallery. Whether that’s just browsing around and taking a look, or even better, participating and showing off those stunning layouts and projects you’ve made using any breadth of graphics, elements, and kits.