Happy Baby

Happy Baby

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Recent Comments

Robyn Denton
Robyn Denton Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:52

This is so cute! Love the poem and the rainbow of hearts.

Pansy Wolf
Pansy Wolf Fri, 03/21/2014 - 03:44


Sue Mar
Sue Mar Thu, 03/20/2014 - 16:51

Too cute!

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Thu, 03/20/2014 - 13:19

So cute! I really like the rainbow of hearts and the sprinkles.

This layout would work for the newest pixel scrapper layout challenge: Taste the Rainbow (the forum post is here - http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking-challenges/layout-challenges/layout-challenge-taste-the-rainbow... - if you are interested be sure to add these to tags to your layout: "march 2014 layout challenge" "rainbow march 2014 challenge")