Explore Bali

Explore Bali

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Recent Comments

Marie Hargis
Marie Hargis Mon, 08/04/2014 - 00:54

Gorgeous photos with wonderful paper layering around them. Taken all together they add to a wonderful layout.

Bianca Pretorius
Bianca Pretorius Fri, 05/31/2013 - 09:46

I want to go! Love the map and the composition is awesome!

Jem Saunders
Jem Saunders Mon, 02/11/2013 - 00:01

Wonderful layers, title, photos & design

Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner Fri, 12/28/2012 - 11:03

This is really neat, love how your photos pop right off of the page.

Marisa Lerin
Marisa Lerin Fri, 11/30/2012 - 10:04

Great layout. Love the cluster around the photo.

Sera Higgins
Sera Higgins Sun, 11/18/2012 - 13:35

I love the photo curl too and I love how the color of the background makes the blue int he pictures pop out at us!

Sula Templeton
Sula Templeton Sat, 11/10/2012 - 23:37

Totally love how you bent the photo!

Cat Slater
Cat Slater Sat, 11/10/2012 - 09:35

Photos really stand out on this page (looks like paradise!)

Caryn Love
Caryn Love Sun, 11/04/2012 - 22:03

Thank so much ladies :) I highly recommend going to Bali on a vacation - it is beautiful and the people are just so friendly

For the layout I used the one of Marisa's Budapest layouts (loved the curled up photo layout in it).

@Elizabeth - used the one paper from the Bedouin kit and just added the map picture over it (one of Marisa's too)

Karen Ibarcena
Karen Ibarcena Sun, 11/04/2012 - 17:31

very nice!

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Sun, 11/04/2012 - 15:45

I like how you combined the photos and gave it a page curl. The globe in the background is really cool!

Elizabeth Minkus
Elizabeth Minkus Sun, 11/04/2012 - 15:40

i love this LO, especially the background paper (with brushes??) and the photos are beautiful!

Tina Sun, 11/04/2012 - 13:05

love everything about it ~ the corner curl on the photo is perfect!

Melo Vrijhof
Melo Vrijhof Sun, 11/04/2012 - 07:47

Lovely! This makes me want to go there...

Julia Wright
Julia Wright Sun, 11/04/2012 - 05:59

Lovely layout, nice mix of colours!