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About Kym

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Recent Comments

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Sat, 04/09/2016 - 09:48

oh! I love how you taped that one paper to the other. I also really like all those doodles and the paint!

Ann Samain
Ann Samain Fri, 05/16/2014 - 06:23

love this !

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Thu, 05/01/2014 - 09:11

Two thumbs up! So cute!!

Harriett Humphries
Harriett Humphries Thu, 05/01/2014 - 08:37

Very exciting page, Catherine. I love the colors coordinated with the photo and all the movement with the arrows going different directions and the exploding stars. Nicely done.

Donna Bell
Donna Bell Thu, 05/01/2014 - 03:20

So sweet!

jose van bussel
jose van bussel Thu, 05/01/2014 - 01:29

Like, like, LIKE!

Jeanne quilter
Jeanne quilter Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:15

This is just darling! Love the fun colors, the chevrons, and that sweet little face couldn't possibly be any cuter. How exciting that she'll be a big sister soon, skill be great!

Jamie Mu
Jamie Mu Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:09

so cute!

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Wed, 04/30/2014 - 21:24

Very nice. So girly. :)

Elizabeth Dunn
Elizabeth Dunn Wed, 04/30/2014 - 21:06

I really like the layering of different colored paper you used in the background. Nice job :)