So Getting a Dinosaur

So Getting a Dinosaur

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Recent Comments

Gina Jones
Gina Jones Tue, 05/28/2019 - 09:01

I love the quote.. LOL

Carla Cooper
Carla Cooper Mon, 05/27/2019 - 14:37

EXCELLENT QUOTE!!! Thanks for playing in the Quote Challenge.

Celestine Sisk
Celestine Sisk Sat, 05/25/2019 - 06:56

Thanks Cintia. The dinosaurs were one of the few childhood toys we kept in a box in the attic for the next generation - some day! Dinosaurs never go out of style, LOL.

Cintia dhariana
Cintia dhariana Fri, 05/24/2019 - 16:33

LOL! Great page and great quote! My son would absolutely agree with it too! :D