My mom

My mom

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Recent Comments

Cintia dhariana
Cintia dhariana Tue, 06/18/2013 - 05:59

Thank you all for your words!
@Meg: That is a brush from Living Loving Laughting mini kit. Those are all available at the Scrapmatters June color challenge.

Meg Bertapelle
Meg Bertapelle Mon, 06/17/2013 - 13:27

love :) how'd you do that yellow brocade pattern thing? is that a mask?

Harry Cory
Harry Cory Mon, 06/17/2013 - 12:14

Lovely page. Love the colors.

Vanessa Deneen
Vanessa Deneen Sun, 06/16/2013 - 21:33

Lovely page!

Jen Dipzinski
Jen Dipzinski Sun, 06/16/2013 - 21:15

This is beautiful! I love your color choices!

Dia Will
Dia Will Sun, 06/16/2013 - 19:41

Very nice! :]

Marisa Lerin
Marisa Lerin Sun, 06/16/2013 - 14:46

Love the scatter and elements down the side.

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Sun, 06/16/2013 - 08:53

pretty! I like the scatter that you used under the flowers

cheryl bass
cheryl bass Sun, 06/16/2013 - 08:46

love this!