Possible Freebie Forum?

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Possible Freebie Forum?

When we set up the new forums, there was a bit of discussion about having a freebies forum/threads, basically a place where we can list freebies from around the web. I've been thinking about it and would like to get your input on it.

1. Does this sound like a useful idea? What would make it useful?
2. How should it be organized? Who should be able to post?
3. Do you want to moderate it?

I think it's a great idé smiley
Maybe organized by what type of freebie.. Like full kit, mini kit, CU and so on smiley
I think every member should be able to post smiley

And ofc for people like me who creates and wanna share freebies smiley

I like the idea, it is nice to be able to see what is available in one spot. I don't design much but occasionally I create something that I would be happy to share.

I totally do this all of the time!!! I promote freebies on my blog and on FB Page. I have a lot of FREEBIES on my FB page. At least 1 a day. At the very least. I would love to help out with this in any way I can. If I don't find stuff from Facebook, then I hit up the internet and find stuff there. Pinterest is also a favorite when it comes to templates. I do traditional, digital and traditional stuff. You can check out my FB Page and see what kinds of things I do. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cherry-On-Top/322708647766995

Let me know what you think! I'm a stay at home mom who only recently got into digital scrapbooking, but I'm obsessed with finding steals and deals. My blog also brags of cheap and free deals on the net because I do not have a lot of money to supply my obsession. Hehehe...

Ooh, ooh, I'm all excited now!!!

I think it's a wonderful idea. I think it would be nice if everyone could post. Trouble with some of the links, don't they have a certain time limit to get the freebies? Maybe place all those that are time sensitive in a separate thread? I love the idea.

I am no designer (yet?), but I love downloading and using freebies. Would this forum only link to designs that pixelscrapper 'members' offer as freebies? Or can anyone post any freebie he/she saw somewhere on the internet?
I go to this website almost every day, it has good quality freebies from all around the internet: http://qualitydigiscrapfreebies.blogspot.nl/

This would be an area for people to mention freebies from sites other than Pixel Scrapper.

It would be great if it is our own stuff. I make freebies and post on my blog and facebook. I just don't want to see stuff I already know about. smiley

I kinda have to agree with Shucklod on this one. There are so many "freebie" blogs that list all sorts of freebies all over the web, Digifree and Creative Busy Hands are two very large search engines and pick up anything that is labeled freebie. I would think sharing "exclusive" freebies meaning those that are not just random freebies. There are several stores that promote collab freebies that are HUGE kits, most would require a login but there are some that don't. These types of freebies are not usually picked up by the search engines unless the designer submits the request to the blog owner.

I've seen so many sites that get overwhelmed with random folks popping in, posing their freebie links and you never see them again until they post another freebie (basically just to promote their own stuff). I wouldn't like to see that happen here too. I think that also opens up the door for more spambot posts. Maybe there should be a community point limit for something like this too, just to avoid that mess. I was the sole moderator of a digital scrap community and I left simply because I couldn't handle this type of activity, too stressful.

Great input ladies! It's so helpful having everyone weigh in, helps me think through what kind of system to implement.

Tina, you made a good point about getting spammed with people promoting their stuff. We can easily limit the people who post, by either just letting our moderators post, or a select group of community members.

Ideally, what I would like in the future is for designers to post their stuff here, so maybe what will end of happening is a forum just for Pixel Scrapper designers to promote and talk about their items here and elsewhere if that's the case.

As for other freebies around the web, what I'm most interested in is the best of the best. Perhaps a list of all the greatest freebies/designers as a resource for people to check out. That way we could take submissions and then the moderator could choose and add them to the public list.

I smiley for what Marisa just said!

I think getting a list going will be one of the first things we do once we have polls working. Something to look forward to.

Just a hint Marisa smiley I'm gonna have a daily freebie in my blog starting dec 1 and ending december 24 (christmas here in sweden smiley)

Agreed! I would love to have a pixelscrapper freebie forum, I am so curious to see all the designs by our fellow scrapcommunity friends. It might even entice me to start my own blog and share designs that I haven't even made yet, haha!

The best-of-the-best freebies-list from 'outsiders' (for lack of a better term) would be a bonus, but not necessary. I have seen links to great sites and freebies all around the forum, so it seems to me all those freebies will be posted anyway. Maybe the freebie forum could have a sticky post with the best sites, like I have seen in the software forums.

I would like to see commercial use freebies, so far all my designs have been personal use only. but I would be quite happy to give commercial use freebies in a CU forum. I always stay clear of personal use only freebies for fear of getting them mixed up. My filing system is not very good!!

So I created a template for my thirtieth birthday that I would love to share. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it (and then I lost it all and had to start over...ugh!). It is a .psd file, though. Is there somewhere I could share this on this site? I don't have a blog and my FB page is limited to just people I know in real life.

Steph, you may have noticed that we've added one new designer to Pixel Scrapper, and are working on adding more. Right now the requirements are a bit stiff because we're just starting out, but in the future we'll relax them to make it easier for people to share things that they've made. You can read more about it here if you'd like.

Okay, I don't really know how to design anything really. These are just things that I figure out because I NEED them at the moment and would just like to share if possible. No big deal.

Someday you'll be able to share even a couple things, but that is a bit in the future since we're still working things out...

Awesome! I just want to say I have been stalking different forums for years, but this is the first one that has been laid out in a way and friendly enough that I have felt like participating. Thank you!

smiley to what Steph just said about the PixelScrapper forum. This is the first place I've actively gotten involved as well. There are different factors that contribute, I think: the layout of the forum, the topics, and maybe having been a beta tester for the site so I started right at the beginning.

I know that was a bit off-topic. smiley On this topic I agree with the general trend this thread has taken towards moderated quality freebies, whether they are made by PS members or not.

@angela: i'm with you on wanting CU assets because i also don't have a good filing system and i never know where i would want to use something. it's how i found pixelscrapper in the first place.

Great idea! I think everyone should be able to access the freebies to make the website more friendly to those who are new to digital scrapbooking and just wanna find some ideas, templates and stuff to try out the hobby...