Where can I find the alphas

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Where can I find the alphas

Many of the kits have alphas in their previews... but aren't listed in the assets, where can they be found???
Thanks in advance.


As it says at the top of the kits page: "This page is just temporary while we work on implementing new features. Please excuse the messiness. Everything you see in these previews may not have made it online yet. I will be working on getting everything up, but probably not until 2013. This is just a reference."

Jordan is working on making actual kits for the site right now, so some alphas should be available quite soon.

I'm looking forward to the alphas myself... as I missed several from your facebook page when they were given away on there before my joining the group. I, too... will keep an eye out here for them. smiley

Thanks for the update Marisa.