ISO: Lilac kit / wedding kit with lilac colors

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ISO: Lilac kit / wedding kit with lilac colors

My 20th anniversary is coming up in early May, and I'm hoping to scan & scrap my original wedding photos (my book fell apart). The theme of my wedding revolved around lilacs......not only were they in bloom at the time of my wedding, but the bridesmaid dresses I chose were covered in various colored lilacs... I used the various lilac colors to decorate with along with white, platinum/silver & green (emerald being the gemstone for May & because I'm part Irish). Our wedding bands are platinum infinity bands (in a braided celtic knot design similar to this:

Does anyone know of any kits like this? Or is there a designer in here willing to take a stab at this?

Updated 18 Jan 2014: See posts #54 + 55 for kit ideas/inspiration....
Also see post #59 for additions Shawna would like. ;)

Wow... our weddings were almost twinkies! except I'm only going on 14 yrs (in May) and we didn't use the emerald green. I'm looking forward to seeing what people share with you! BTW: Congratulations on the big one coming up!!! smiley

Aww... thanks, Shawna! It amazes me how much we have in common, too!

Contemplating renewing our vows on our 25th... but this time hold it in the fall instead, in the mountains, as that's originally where/when I wanted to get married. Or maybe we could do it abroad? (Ireland, Scotland) Or Maui? Or Cape Cod? (where my hubby is from) Any of those options would be nice to me... Maybe we can just keep renewing them at each location, eh?! LOL smiley

NOW... THAT"S a great idea!!! one for each location annually!!! smiley

Maybe we can just keep renewing them at each location, eh?! LOL

Here goes Lorien with her lack of English vocabulary:

I´m not sure what color a Lilac is... Isn´t it a kind of purple, like lavender? Well, I may be terribly mistaken, but on your request I thought of purple and green bundle, made by Marisa, which was made for a wedding album...

Would this bundle work for you? Or, at least, work as a basis, but complimented with a smaller kit as an add on?

I´m really, really tempted to take your request, because I´d love to make a celtic wedding kit. But I need color reference...

That's sweet of you, Lórien... But what I'm looking for is something that revolves around lilacs (not just the color scheme, though that's important too) is vintage, rustic, French Country-like mixed with Celtic elements... (forgot to mention that besides being Irish I'm part Scottish, too.......I think that's why I was drawn to the Celtic dream for vow renewal is to get my hubby to wear a kilt! hee-hee)

For example, one of the papers could be a print paper of various clusters of lilacs (in different colors). Another paper maybe a white, crackled paint type background. Maybe a white-washed wooden wall, worn barn-wood type wall, an Irish cottage "plaster" wall background & some tan kraft paper... (just throwing out some ideas) Some solids in the various lilac variety colors that are slightly aged (i.e. tan crackles) & in sage green, emerald green, antique white. Sepia/tea-stained effects here & there. Linen papers... Twine... Twig &/or vine wreaths... Subtle silver mesh ribbon & bows. Freshwater pearl seeds... Emerald stones (maybe as scatters?)... Old wooden crate w/faded stamping on it (wine crate?)... Rusted corner hinges... Small, worn english leather photo corners... Silver celtic knot photo corners... Trails of ivy... Thistle... Ball jars filled with lilac blooms... Antique white ceramic pitcher... Old metal watering can... Wooden frames (barn board, white-washed wood)... Silver celtic knot frame... Platinum celtic knot wedding bands &/or solid bands (see picture link in post #1)... Old sparkling cider bottle... Champagne flutes... Rusted horseshoe (for Irish good luck)... Antique calligraphy pen... And what not. (ideas last updated 11/28/2013)

Re: Lilacs They come in variety of shades.......white, pink (pale & bright), pinkish purple, reddish purple, blue purple, lavender and blue (the blue, blue purple & lavender being my favorites)... If you're not familiar with them, maybe this picture will help you envision them: It doesn't have all the various colors (like the blue or blue purple ones, for example), but it shows a variety of different colored lilacs (last I checked there's over 4000 varieties if you can believe it!). Here's a pic of blue/lavender type lilacs: And this site had some nice lilac pics, too:

And I swear this is the same fabric the girls' bridesmaid dresses were made out of (found swatch online):

After reading this thread I googled Lilacs and green digi scrapbook layout and found a really pretty one but my NORTON antivirus thingy wouldn't let me download it I was called Lilacs and Sage but I didn't save the address. Now I;m thinking maybe you could have got it downloaded on you PC

My wedding was actually using the lilac colored hydrangeas and white roses... but I love all the ideas that Lizanne has come up with!
I used the lavender(lilac), white, & silver (mainly because our rings are platinum and silver was a great decoration choice).
I'll find some photos on my PC tomorrow and upload a sample of my bridesmaids dresses, but it was florals and purples, too. smiley

Thanks, Cathy & Shawna! smiley Sometimes I wish I was a designer - then I'd make the kit & offer it all to you for free. But I don't have the talent... I don't know of any PSP design classes (heck, I need to learn my software better)... And, honestly, I have my hands so full with the family & the boys' extracurricular activities that I don't know if I'd have time to take any classes right now anyhow (even if I found any). And basketball season starts the week after Thanksgiving... Oh boy. smiley

Definitelly not sure if I´ll do a kit good enough for your needs, but will at least try! Keep inspiration comming, Liz and Shawna! I´m in the middle of a mini and a full kit at the moment, but I have the intention to finish the mini in the next days, and then I can mix the production of the other one and this one. Does any one else want to give a try on this?

Lizanne, This may be an option with your busy life and it is free. At least if you wanted to do you could do as you have time. Work at your own pace. You may have already seen this site but it seems to have lots of tutorials more along the line of Designing and this has a whole list of places for tutorials but I know you probably won't have the time to check these out but just thought I would give you the link just in case. It is where I found the previous one for you. I know you enjoy the program and creating so much that maybe you will find time at some unexpected opportunities. I hope so and I hope these may help.

I would love to take a stab at this to, Lizanne. Just as long as you are OK with not having it before the end of January, maybe a week or two earlier, but no promises there!
Do you think you could link us up to some of your wedding pics?

Maybe we can use your wedding palette for the February or March blog train! smiley Or have an unofficial collab. smiley

And yes if you can post any pics that would be very helpful.

oooo oooo oooo... I would love to share some of my wedding pictures for you guys to see and and some different shades of purple. smiley

I love the idea too of making it a little vintage, shabby-chic, rustic as I wanted an outdoors barn type wedding, but the summer was so hot to have an outdoor wedding with all the elderly people that were attending. Plus it started at 3pm but went to almost 1am between the wedding the food and the dancing. So it was more comfortable with air-conditioning.

I will find my pictures on my other hard drive and post several tonight. smiley I made a shutterfly book years ago but I'm sure it's expired from that account by now...

@Catherine: I can be patient and wait for a blog train or unofficial one either way. I'd love to have something focused towards the colors and styles to use for Lizanne's (& all my wedding photos!) LoL smiley
@Lizanne: I promise; I'm not trying to high-jack your kit!!! ROFLOL I just can't wait to use it... hee, hee, hee

please post your pics shawna smiley

Oh my gosh, thank you all so much! smiley I'll just keep posting ideas, as they hit me, in post #6... And I'll try to scan some photos, too, if that helps. And there's no rush.... My 20th anniversary is in May, but I don't have to have my digiscrap book done by then. smiley And,'re not stealing it, Shawna. smiley The more the merrier, I say! I just think it's so cool that we had similar wedding themes. smiley And if ya'll want to do it for a train, I say go for it!

You and Shawna should get together and come up with a palette!

Catherine, Great idea as I was actually thinking somehow maybe that could be done. I've never been involved in a collab or blog train but would like to try and help with this so please give all details when they are worked out. I just think it could be a beautiful kit. I already have some ideas for some assets/elements and/or papers so please give precise instructions as to how we collaborate everything.

Not that this will help you but I saved the lilac pictures you had the link to, and made this. I love flowers and I'm allergic so I make a lot of fake ones and save pictures. I just wanted to share.

After Thanksgiving weekend, I'll try to scan some pics to post in here & see if I can come up with a color palette... And if you have any ideas, Shawna, throw them my way. smiley

@Cathy: That's pretty cool.... How did you do that?!

We too have had a busy few days. I'm sorry I haven't got my pictures up yet. I will do it by Monday. and I will message you Lizanne so you will have my email addy and we'll get something together for them for the "blog train" for us. smiley hee hee
Hope everyone is having a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones. I know I am! smiley

Don´t worry - you have plenty of time smiley

I'd like to be in on this, if you wish, once we have color scheme. smiley

Let's not forget to get this color palette going after the holidays! smiley

I don't know what I was thinking when I said I'd scan those pics Thanksgiving weekend - I forgot that Friday was my birthday, time to get the tree, decorate & such - and we're not quite finished yet, believe it or not! (where's that blushing smiley when you need it?!) Girls, I will try my best to scan something before the New Year..... But if I don't get to it by then, please don't be mad - it's Christmas break with the kids, my hubby took the week off between Christmas & New Year's to spend time with us, and my youngest has basketball games during break. (Was so surprised the school scheduled games during it....kinda ruins it if you had intentions of going away to visit family/friends or take a mini vacation) I hope you understand...

No problem Lizanne... that's why I said after the holidays... I figured we'd all be busy, I just don't want us to forget if we put it on pause for that long!! smiley

I've started pulling a few photos off my EHD that we had already scanned and I'll need to scan a couple others out of the album... for the full effect ones that were never scanned or digital to begin with. LoL

Way to go Shawna! I guess you already have your tree up, since the rest of us are still running around trying to get the house decorated and the Christmas shopping done in time! Don't we Lizanne smiley

@Melo... Guilty as charged. smiley I still have yet to wrap my nephew & nieces gifts and ship out (blushing). Tomorrow night is the school's Christmas concert at my youngest's school; and the next night my teen invited a girl over (our house is a mess & the tree still not decorated except for lights & garland). Aack!

@Melo: Not I... smiley I myself cheated BIG time this year. Hung a wreath on the door and put the snowflake lights in the three front windows. LoL Figure that's all anyone's gonna see besides me and the hubby this year. No company coming and no kids to be sad about no tree, so I took the easy way out. smiley But we still have tons going on with the hubbies family so we get to enjoy theirs. hee hee