Digital scrapbooking: is there a 'right' way?

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Digital scrapbooking: is there a 'right' way?

I love designing elements, papers etc. as well as putting layouts together, but from browsing the awesome LOs in the gallery, I'm starting to feel my style is 'wrong' lol. So, I ask as a topic starter, is there a right way?

My take on it would be that since we are usually doing this for ourselves (to document our memories and stories and photographs), the "right way" is whatever way makes us happy - either to make or to look at or both. (Sometimes I have a good time making a layout but it doesn't look that great to me at the end, but I like that it is infused with the memory of the fun I had making it, if that makes any sense.) I think even in our gallery here there's a large diversity of styles, from art journaling to cartoonish to very realistic and more, and plenty of people mixing it up and trying different styles with different layouts.

I'm SUPER curious to know what you saw in the gallery that led you to this question! What styles did you observe there, and what is yours in contrast?

I agree. As with all artistic creations, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Artistic expression is just that, personal expression. So express yourself, however you like, the way you want your layouts to look and make you feel. I think it's all "the right way"!! I am curious to know what led you to think you were doing something wrong??

Also, if there is a style you like, try it out, experiment and add your own flair to it!

I can't focus on one style. I want to try too many things, which made putting together my first scrapbook album a headache project - nothing looked cohesive! I seriously doubted my style, or lack of it... But after a few aggrevating nights trying to make accompanying layouts for the ones I already had, I stopped. I realised this IS my style. I am eclectic. Always have been. My house consists of a big amount of different styles working together. My closet is full of clothes that never match, since they are not the same style. Just find your own style (or try lots of them, like me), just as long as you like what you are doing!

Thanks guys smiley What prompted my question were several beautiful layouts by someone who shall remain nameless, focusing on elaborate layering with realistic elements. I actually don't have that kind of flair, with lots and lots of perfectly-blended elements. My style is a little eclectic too, Melo. I only have 2 of my own layouts in the gallery right now, but feel free to look. I often like illustration, and also to make pages like objects, like the storybook, or a room for instance. However, I also like to mix it up. I'm happy, though! smiley

There are no wrongs on scrap, or digiscrap, when you´re making it only for yourself.

When you are designing papers or elements for other people, however, there are some "don´ts", however, but I don´t believe this is not your question...

I´m very ecletic in style too, as you can see in my gallery. I know things that I like and things that I don´t like - and I sometimes do even things that I dont like - if I think I can learn something doing them.

Melo: I really, really, really identified myself with your answer smiley.

I wish there was a LOVE button for this whole post!!!