Searching in Kits for "Enchanted" doesn't return results

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Searching in Kits for "Enchanted" doesn't return results

I would like to download the Enchanted kit, but I can't seem to find it in the list of kits or when I search for "Enchanted". I can't access it as a freebie via facebook because I'm already subscribed to the newsletter, so that link didn't work for me either. Please help. Thank you!


Hi Diana - I'm not tech support, but you should be able to just click the Enchanted image on the FB Freebie tab (here: and your elements download will begin. The link to the papers is in the most recent newsletter. Hope that helps. smiley

Amanda, thank you so much – your link took me right to it and then I saw the newsletter download link. I don't know what I was doing yesterday... must have been one of those brain dead days smiley

Very happy now that I have the whole bundle! Cheers!

LOL Diana! It happens. smiley

Thanks for jumping in with help, Amanda smiley

You're welcome. smiley