logging in directs me to homepage, even if I wasn't there

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logging in directs me to homepage, even if I wasn't there

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but it seems like a feature to me. smiley
I know that when we are away from the site for more than 6 hrs, we are logged out. Currently, I use a link that takes me directly to the page I want to be on, then I have to log in, and when I do that, it takes me to the front page of PS, even though that wasn't the page I was on.
I would like to just be able to stay on the page I was on, not have to click another link, or even worse, drill-down (sometimes using "back" makes my browser think I'm not logged in).
Specifically, as I only have a limited number of DCs, I am choosing pieces from a kit, and I want to just stay on that kit. Can't I log in and stay on that page?

Hi Julie, thanks for posting. If you visit a page on the site, and click the "log in" link in the upper-right hand corner, it should keep you on the page you were on after you log in.

Based on that, I assume what you're referring to is the fact that when the site automatically logs you out, it takes you back to the home page? You are saying that when the site logs you out automatically you want it to keep you on the page that you were on--is that correct?

Sorry I was away. Yes, I want to stay on the page from my bookmark, even after I log in. I noticed that today, I was NOT directed to the homepage of PS after I logged in from the bookmarked page. smiley So it looks like you worked your mojo. Thanks!

Alright, after using the site for a few months now... I see that my main issue is happening. And I know why sometimes I'm directed to the homepage, and sometimes I'm not.
If I've only been away for a few hours (long enough to log me out), then I do not get directed to the homepage.
But if it's been a day (which is common for me), then I am directed to the homepage after I log in.

I would like to just be able to stay on/get directed to the page I was on before I had to log in.

Thanks for the additional info, Julie.