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Jordan and Marisa,
Another way to (re)build rapport with Google is through G+. I have an account and linked to you. If you don't have one you should get one. It's similar to fb but more professional. You can see my profile, and your link, here:


I will havev to remember to add a the button to my sidebar on my blog

Added to my blog sidebar:

I decided to do the December blog train, so I set up a blog and put you on the sidebar.

@Tina: I just love your blogdesign smiley

@Renee: Thanks for the tip. I'll look into Google+. There's so much to do on social media, sometimes I get overwhelmed!

@Sunny: Thanks! I gave you points.

@Tina: Your blog is great. However, when I clicked on the Pixel Scrapper button, it goes to Pixel Scrapper but in the navigation bar the web address is still for your blog. I'm not sure what this means, or if anyone else is having that problem?

@Marisa - I probably put the wrong code in. I had a text link first and it worked and then I decided to put in the button instead. I'll fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

Update: The code is correct. I even changed it back to just the text link code to test it and got the same results. If I click on the link when I'm logged into my blog it goes to your site with showing in the url. If I click on it from outside my account, my url seems to folllow.

Maybe Jordan can help, but what I did was I set up a wordpress blog, bought a domain name and pointed it to the blog, but set up the domain so that it masked the destination url. I do this on two other domains and it works just fine. I don't care about the points, I just wanted to help with the link drive.

When I click on the link in the blog post it seems to work correctly.

Second Update: If I put in a text link under the blogroll it works fine. If I put in the button code in the sidebar in the html/text widget it does that weird thing where my url follows. I will leave the button off for now until I get it figured out.

Big thanks for the links everyone!

@Tina: the text link does seem to be working fine... hard for me to say what the problem might be since I didn't see the "problem link."

Thanks Jordan - I would like to have the button in the sidebar, so I'll dig around my domain settings as well as in wordpress and see if I can figure it out. I'm sure I have probbably put a check mark in a wrong box or something - that's usually the case! smiley And thanks for the download credits!! Awesome!

Tina, if you want to post a screenshot of the code, we can probably help you out.

Hey guys... I've added your link to my blog sidebar:

Thanks Demetria! I've given you points.

You are officially linked on!

Thanks Stephanie! I've given you points.

Marisa and Jordan - I PROUDLY added some Pixel Scrapper links at in my header!

Super cool Brooke! I'll give you some points, and thanks for sharing!

That's awesome Brooke--thank you!

happily added to my blog smiley

Thanks Bobbie! I gave you community points.

One of the first things I did when I joined the site was to add your button to my sidebar. As soon as the Christmas Crazies are over, I plan on adding Pixel Scrapper to my Saturday Showcase (I'll send you an email Marisa with more details). Each Saturday I showcase specific sites from other artist's and your site would fit perfectly into this hopefully giving you some more exposure. Additionally, something I do anyways, most days that I come over I plug your name into a special search engine (I get points for searching) so I'm guessing this should help too. You guys have an amazing site and I'll do what I can to increase your Google stats.

I've added the button in my sidebar. I don't get many visits, but I like to show off the sites I enjoy anyway! smiley

Thanks Brandi! I've given you points.

Just wanted to let you know this: (the text under the pony)

Hope you like it smiley

Thanks Jessica!!!

Thanks Jackie! I've given you points!

I added a button to my blog too - haha reminds me that I have a bunch of things to post!

Thanks Kaleena! I've given you community points.

I'm working on getting my website up and as soon as I do I will help promote anyway that I can.

Hi guys! I started my blog (an experiment, mostly to have a place to stash the PS februari blogtrain, haha) and everyone seems to enjoy it, which means I'm going to keep at it smiley I have no space in my homepage to put your logo, although I do have a textlink to Pixelscrapper there. But you're one every other page! Hope Google is catching on.