February 2014: Palette/Theme Ideas

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February 2014: Palette/Theme Ideas

Leave your suggestions for palettes and themes for the February blog train.

I'd like to see something other than the traditional red hearts and flowers! Will be back with suggestions.

What about Puppy Love

Break Ups to Make Ups

Spice It Up

Family is Everything

My last one: Let's Get Cozy!! I think I love this one the most. Lol

1-Sweet Valentines!

2-Sweet Love!

3-A Happy Valentines!

4-Valentine's Day!

love love love Samantha's sweet valentines palette!

So many beautiful color palettes, I like this ones:

"My Valentine"

"Be Mine"

Beautiful V-Day themed palettes too. I think I'm more apt to go non traditional colors, that's why I chose the ones I did. I Like the Sweets one Jiovanna chose though. smiley

I love love love the "my valentine" color palette of Jiovanna!

What do you all think about the theme "Love is in the air"?
For this theme I was thinking about the following color palettes:

They're all on the sweet side, but once again I couldn't pick just one of them. So maybe a combination should be made between a couple of them to select the prettiest colors. smiley

Oh wow, so many to choose from smiley

Isn´t Valentines a day only for US and Japan? I´m not sure... But well, it´s another day we don´t celebrate here. Our equivalent is in June, close to St. Antony´s day, which is considered the saint of marriage.

I´d like to see a very urban kit. I´m not sure of the palette, but what about this?

The Metropolis

I really like the cake (birthday hues) one. and I like the idea of an urban one too. So many great choices, as usual!

Oh I really like Lóriens palette but I guess for February Valentines makes more sense.

I'd prefer a theme other than Valentine's day, as there is certain to be a plethora of pink/red kits offered in February. Lorien, your urban theme is intriguing.

Oh Lórien! I completely get you! LOL! And I love your color palette and theme, but I think it is hard to change ( And you see girls, here in Brazil february is all about carnival!!!!) What a BIG difference right?! Anyway, what about some more generic towards love theme like love yourself, love your brother (sister), love the world; this kind of theme? It could be read as Valentines... or not...

Cintia, I LOVE your palette. I would also like the palette to be non-Valentine/heart theme since EVERYBODY does red hearts in February. And, as was pointed out, not everybody celebrates Valentine's day. There are many lovely non-traditional palettes suggested - we have so many it will be hard to choose!

all the palettes are beautiful, but I love Cintia and Lorien's idea and the color palettes, as we too dont celebrate valentine.

I like the idea of creating a kit all about family...since we have so many that do celebrate Valentines and so many that do not...we all love family right? So you get a little bit of both, love and family. I don't have any colors chosen...there are already so many great ones to pick from!

Love the color palette with strawberries that Sharon-Dewi Stolp posted and the one Lórien Rezende posted.

Lórien Rezende-Norway has adopted the day as well.

Cintia Dhariana-I like the ide of love yourself, love your brother (sister), love the world.

Tina Campanale- I'm all in for family/love

I would like to se a happy kit. Proposals for theme: I love your smile smiley

Thank you girls! I really like the Love your family idea! And I love your smile would be great too! smiley

What if we did a kit like 'I love your...' and then load it with prompts/ideas? It would be interesting to see what everyone prompted. Could be fun. ??? I love Cintia's colors, well all of them, but I lean toward Cintia's. smiley

edit: smile, craziness, cooking, chubby cheeks, ...

Lorien - I love your color palette! I think it could be a fun "date night" or "night on the town" theme and challenge us all a little bit to think outside the box of Valentine's day. smiley

I agree with Patricia - I'd like to see something away from the traditional Valentine Day related theme and colors. Not everyone has a "Valentine" in their lives for whatever reason and that theme has been done to death. I love Kiana's Spice it Up - the colors and the theme! Family is Everything works too, especially for those of us who are doing family history pages. And I love Cintia's palette!!

Here are some other colors. The more I look at them, the more I'm loving the 3rd one!

WOW! we have so many great suggestions! I pretty much want to use ALL of them!


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