On the hunt again - Western Themed Kits

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On the hunt again - Western Themed Kits

Hi again! I've been doing some searching for western themed kits now. The ones I've found aren't really anything I am liking and I had some great success with the help of all of you to find some pretty great kits. Thanks!

I have this kit, it's called Boots, Horses and Cowboy Hats
Maybe that's what you are searching for?

I will take a look, thanks!

Hi Emily,

I just came across this one (a freebie!) which I downloaded for myself as well. We bought our little guy a cowboy-hat for Sinterklaas (Santa Clauses Dutch brother smiley) so I foresee a cowboy-layout coming in the near future. We will be hunting side-by-side smiley Don't be distracted by the kits name, because it is in no way girlie!


There is also a big kit by Chelle for sale here:

I know I just downloaded a little cowboy/western add-on recently but I can't find it now... I will continue to look for it and let you know if I do... as for the little kit that Melouise gave the link for ... it's so cute... I don't know that I'll ever have a need for it but it's one of the better looking western kits I've seen. Generally the ones I come across are more like caricatures and cartoonish... which is fine but I find myself gravitating towards the more realistic stuff when it comes to western kits. Anyhow I'm currently organizing my kit folder so I will hopefully find that kit I'm thinking of and get back to you about it.

Edit: so I was just looking for a link for a boy kit on the DSE site when I saw this kit: Rodeo Round Up Mega Kit
Designed by Jan Tenney

Oh boy. I do not envy you having to decide among these because I found a bunch of great ones. Most of them are geared towards kids, but there's a few that would work for non-kiddo layouts, not sure what you had in mind.

Gina Miller & Karah Frederick's "Lil Cowpoke"

Digilicious Designs' "Go West, Young Man"

Fran B's "Through the Movies: Western"

Flergs' "RoundUp" (this one might be my favorite)

Miss Mint "Little Buckaroo" (or this one)

a lot in this one!Shabby Miss Jenn "Little Buckaroos"

Misty Cato's "You Can Be My Cowgirl" ("says "cowgirl" in title but it looks pretty versatile to me)

Traci Reed's "Howdy Partner"
Actually, just go to Sweet Shoppe Designs and search for "cowboy" and "western." There's a handful of others that could work for you, but Misty Cato's & Traci Reed's were my top two.

I found the add-on I downloaded recently... it's by Britt-ish Designs... it's called the Wildest Kit In The Wilderness... the full kit is available for purchase here...

here blog is here and as of my posting this reply the add-on is still available for download... it's the Friday, November 09, 2012 entry on her blog... all the way down at the bottom of the page as of 9pm November 29, 2012...

Hope this helps.

@Sarah, that full kit is great!! Good find. This is a great designer I've never seen before, and I'm loving what I see!

Thanks ladies! I will check out the links this weekend! Yay!