Hubby is in home for hollidays o.O

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Hubby is in home for hollidays o.O

My husband´s work is closed till January the 6th, so he is full time at home with me. It is, for the one side, great fun, but, for the other, something that makes hard to keep my routine. I´ve been even a bit worried of being on "digiscrap-land" for too much time, because he´s been asking me to do digiscrap when he´s not at home on the previous months. But, on the other side, he seems to be really tired and not willing to go out to sightsee and enjoy the summer - on the last years I couldn´t do this kind of thing too much because of my "bad" ankle, but this year I´m feeling better and I feel that I should enjoy it while it´s better and see if walking a bit more helps me loose weight... But what we´ve been doing toghether most of the time is playing Civilization V on the computer, lol.

Does anyone had trouble apart from the joy of having your mate at home from the holidays?

My husband telecommutes - meaning he works from our home office everyday. When he first starting doing this is was very hard and I felt like he was just in my space and I couldn't get anything done ever but now it is normal and my routine is back. Now I get excited when he has time off because I don't have to "share him" haha.

I was looking forward to having a week off by myself and then hubby being off the last week I was off, but my husband's vacation time also coincided with my time off, so he's been home the whole time with me. On one hand its really nice to spend the time together - we haven't had this much time off together in a few years. But, I wanted to get so many things done and I feel like I'm neglecting him if I'm cleaning out the cupboards, or on the computer. Like Lorien, my husband is tired from working so he doesn't want to do too much and just wants to hang around the house. Maybe if I suggest he help me clean out the closets he'll get the urge to go somewhere outside. smiley

Mine is home until the 2nd. His work shuts down for the end of the year too. I was looking forward to it but I get lazy when hes home. When he's at work I always wish he was home with us but then when he's home it's like gosh just go back to work lol. I don't get anything done when hes home. He's a gamer so he likes to play games and we have been doing some of that we like to call it out bonding time haha. It's fun I love doing it but it can get a little boring at times. He gets really into and i just do it to do something. I am really looking forward to when he goes back though. I like missing him when he's at work smiley.

Glad to know I´m not the only one who feels like this. I didn´t felt it on the last years, probably because I didn´t have a proper housework routine. But now that I take care of the chores in an organized way, the lazyness from hubby being around and the fact that we don´t have the same energy from when we dated probably made this ambiguous feeling - yes, I miss to miss him too!

How has the vacation gone, Lórien? Have you been driven crazy?