Choose a palette/theme for our February 2014 Blog Train

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Tough one between Love Yourself & Sweet Valentine, but I think SV's colors are more appropriate. smiley

I got an error when voting, tried again and got a message I had already voted. So hopefully it went through the first time.


I voted! Having a daughter and 2 sons, I love kits with a touch of green or blue! (you know, the more girly kits for things like Valentine's Day, but that aren't overly feminine or kiddy).

I attempted to vote, but I got an error as well..............I like "Be Mine". How will you know if you got all the votes? smiley

As I mentioned in the initial post, an error message will display when you save your vote, but your vote has been counted and if you refresh you'll see the results. Sorry for the confusion!

I love the 'be mine' and 'sweet valentine' choices for February. I think that either one of them would
work great for making things for both guys and gals.

I decided on the 'Be Mine' because the brown in it will work great for making chocolate items!!! smiley

I love the colors in the other 2 choices also. I think either one of them would be perfect to make
spring, gardening or even Mother's Day kits with.


voted, beautiful palettes I like the third one, Love Yourslef

Voted! Hard decision between Love Yourself and Puppy Love...had to go with Puppy Love because it had a broader choice of colors.


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