Free official Project Life digital kit & anyone doing PL in 2014?

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Free official Project Life digital kit & anyone doing PL in 2014?

Wow! Project Life (the original, Becky Higgins Project Life that started it all) is giving away a free full size digital Project Life kit, with the two main templates used in Project Life scrapping, 38 journal cards, 20 title & filler cards, matching papers, and even extra elements stickers (days of the week, numbers, arrows, & flourishes), which the latest kits don't include. It's what is now called the "Cherry" edition, which when I started doing PL in paper was the only edition there was. Can't believe that was only 4 years ago! The PL trend has caught on big time.

So I wanted to let you guys know there's a fun free kit out there, and also see if anyone is thinking about doing PL next year? I'd love to have a group of people here at Pixel Scrapper who are also doing Project Life. We could support and encourage each other and maybe even do challenges and so on. If there are newbies who feel on the fence about it, I would happily write some tutorials and share inspiration and technique links if that would be helpful.

Oh, and you will need to do a checkout process at Digital Project Life in order to get the kit. I know sometimes that makes freebies not worth it for me. I jumped all over this one, though! Image is linked.

Cool. I'm sure there are many that will like this. If I did it I'd be all over it!! Lol smiley

I keep telling myself I should do this but then, as the new year rolls around & I see all our commitments, I stop myself because I'm afraid of over-committing myself & not accomplishing anything... Awful, I know.

I will try digital PL next year Violet! With some twists to make it true to my lifestyle and journal style and also to not end bound by pattererns/standards/etc, but will try to do. And I will try not to stay too behind, what was the problem for the yearbook I tried to make for this year...

Thank you for this Violet! I mean really big thank you!! I would like to try it . . . and, with support, think I could be successful.

Oh, this is exciting, that there are a few other Pixel Scrappers interested in trying this out! I'd love to know what you have in mind when you think about Project Life - to me it means pocket scrapping as the style, and telling more than one story on a page (whether that's the story of your week with the photo for every day or something different). The idea behind PL is to make things really simple, but it can get complicated and be intimidating!

@Judith - do you have a sense of what kind of support would be helpful?

I am looking for free digital templates.
can someone post a link?

Everything I was looking for: a digital template of the project life.
here does not sell the plastic of the specific project for this album.

@Ana: I also haven´t found the paper PL stuff to buy in Brazil; and, to be sure, I´m not even sure if Brazilian paper scrappers are aware of PL, since I haven´t heard of this, and here in São Paulo we for sure have enough paper scrapping stores. Peolpe are too into Smash and forget other trends... Have you seen Brookes PL´s templates here at Pixel Scrapper? She made them for us in the beginning of last year, and some have coordinating pockets. You can find them all here:[0]=is_uid%3A310&f[1]=im_field_type_of_template%3A810

I'm sorry Violet. I missed your response until now. smiley

I really like the idea of pocket-style scrapping. I like the idea of a two-page spread for the week for me. Journal cards with cute quotes and/or my own stories. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the mood of the week (with family, weather, activities, etc) or try to find interesting photo prompts to try new things each week. I'm tempted to do both, but I might drown! smiley

I think what would help me would be to have someone to answer to like Weight Watcher's check-in. smiley Maybe we could pick a day each week or every other week to 'weigh-in'. ???

Wow I just stumbled on this by chance and thought there had to be some catch... but there wasn't and I am sooooo happy. I was all ready to go for the first time downloaded tons of free stuff looked at the first page today and froze.... how daft. This is just what I needed to give me a push. Thanks so much for posting this smiley

this is great! thanks so much! smiley

I love the pocket life stuff. Thanks for the info and the link to the freebie. I am hoping to do more pocket life scrapping this year.

I try to do PL for this year. I love the look of this pocket style LOs.

I finished my first LO yesterday, it wasn't easy to scrap all those little journal cards. My former LOs were more focussed on the pictures, so it is very new for me to write down the little stories of my family-life. I grapped an app for my smartphone called "diary" to record all those happening and sayings all over the week.

My first PL page you can find on my Blog

I'm trying Digi-PL this year. Things are so nuts that I have a hard time doing my paper scrapping lately.

That said, this topic is timely - and I didn't want to start a new thread - but for those who are doing PL, where can I find more "real life" journal cards/embellishments? I have what Me and My Big Ideas, Real Life Cards, the one or two that pop up on a Pinterest search, but there isn't a lot of JCs that are reflective of the fact that every day isn't full of rainbows and glittery unicorns.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

So, short of finding a JC template and trying to make my own, any suggestions?

I duck at making journal cards, but those quotes are very inspirational! I love my kids to bits, but sometimes.... Wwwrghhh! smiley

On a lark tonight, I made a journal card that would most likely be labeled "Completely Inappropriate" for this forum... well. almost anywhere in the PL and Scrap communities. I laughed so much making it, having fun with my new PSE 12 I got for Christmas. I wonder if there's a market for it? smiley

Thank you so much for sharing! One of my goals was to start PL this year (and complete it). Since our second week of the year started w/my brother in law being carjacked and abducted, I TOTALLY agree with you Allie Smith on those journal cards. That may be a special addition to my next kit. Some days are just not full of smiles. Though I will forego any cuss! smiley

So...Allie Smith - you inspired! Since I got the idea here, I figured I'd share the finished product. These are some of the very thoughts and emotions I had during the 24 hours we didn't know if we would ever see my bro-in-law again. It's crazy how much can happen in just a short amount of time.

The colors coordinate with the kit I'm working on. These will be free until I get the kit finished. Hope y'all can use them. smiley

Download via dropbox. I'll post them in the freebies thread as well.

Thanks for sharing Amanda! And your brotherIL being abducted does not sound like a great start of the year. Hope you are all doing OK now.

Thanks Melo. He's ok (physically). Mentally/emotionally he and his wife will probably take a little while to settle back in to the way things were. I can't imagine what it was like for both of them. Thankful he was found in only 24 hours. smiley

I'm sorry y'all went through that Amanda. It's really sad how much stuff like that seems to be happening lately. I guess these financial hard times are starting to wear more on people and a lot on new crazies are really coming out of the woodwork. Blessings to your family!

Thanks for posting this! I am interested in giving it a try. I thought it might help me stay on top of all the pictures I know I'm going to take this year.

Holy cow, Amanda! I hope everything has turned out okay! I'm surprised you kept the language clean... I'd definitely have had a few blue streaks included!

Thanks for the cards; popping them in the JC folder. I'm just sorry you had such an unfortunate inspiration to make them.

Thanks for the journal cards Amanda. What a scary beginnig for this year. I hope your sister´s family can overcome this.

It's amazing what faith can carry you through. smiley

I am just getting into digital PL. I'm considering buying a core kit for next year!

How are you doing on daily life scrapping this month? I deceided for a more freestyle book, there are several books on my gallery already. And, if anyone is interested on knowing my daily life 2014 project, I just blogged about it here.

Nice blogpost Lorién, love the way you plan to make your album. And the last layout on your post is gorgeous - maybe I will scraplift that one day (in my next life and an alternate dimension where I have no kids, job or distractions like here on the PS forum - who knows, maybe then I will scrap a page) smiley I admire all you ladies, willing to commit to making pages daily, weekly and/or monthly!

I love the project life style... It made digiscrapping so simple when I tried it with our PA trip photos. And I loved the simplicity of it. Unfortunately I don't have the time to participate in project life - I've found I've taken on more things then I can handle & I need to scale back. Health & home come first. smiley But I do hope to try maybe in a year or two.

@Melo: Thank you! At least now that is summer the best times to scrap are being the late nights and the very early mornings. That one you liked was made in two hours or so after I woke up at 4 am to drink water and couldn´t sleep anymore. When hubby awoke I was already done and posted on galleries, and he even got his morning milk at bed. Sometimes I play the good wife, lol. One of the things that helped was that, on this layout, I could just apply the same shadow setting for almost everything and it still looked good.

When doing blocked/pocket style pages, however, I´m taking a long time, even use templates. I need to speed this up...

The Tolkien Toast and the other side 2 page layout is my favorites. smiley Great start to your PL goals and I do it more like you too not a picture every day. I don't have time for that besides I would never get all those pictures scrapped then... so I would feel more pressure and then not scrap the important things so I do the special moments as much as I can. Some good, some bad. LoL