What are your resolutions for this New Year?

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What are your resolutions for this New Year?

One of my resolutions for this New Year is to get more things done {talking about designing}, not forgetting about growing more as a person and as a woman smiley I'm looking forward to learn new things, meet new people and continue making memories with my family, We want to continue being the happy family that we are, supporting each other like always smiley

These are my resolutions for this coming year 2014!
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Share your resolution(s) with us smiley

I always make resolutions I can't keep, unfortunately. Same one every year is a diet. I think I have started a diet every January for the past 8 yrs and have only been able to go a couple months with no success. This year I want to try and run 4-5 days a week, finish 2 more 5k's. Watch what I eat but no diet smiley. I want to spend more time with my family.

Someone in the digiscrapping community wrote (forget who/where) that their resolution was to simplify......and I'm like, I need to do that too!

My hope is to start going through our house (and storage - things we haven't unpacked from moving), one room at a time, to see what we no longer use on a regular basis & can get rid of. Not only will it make things easier (finding things, cleaning, etc.), but it will allow us to use our garage the way it was intended (rather than as a drop spot for storage). We really should have done this shortly after we relocated because we downsized to a smaller home, but health problems got in the way. Here's to hoping my family will cooperate & help me with this! smiley In order to make this work, though, we'll need to build additional storage into my kitchen & basement to house things we cannot part with. Lack of storage has been one of our biggest issues... So that could hold us back from achieving my objective...but hopefully I can make a big dent in that clutter! smiley

Other than that, my main resolution is to continue trying to rebuild my strength & health, with one of side effects being weight loss.

I want to do a digipage a day this year.
I want to read 156 books this year.
I need to get my house organized (I feel this is perpetual lol).

I don't really do New Years resolutions... too much pressure, lol.

That being said I do have some things I'd like to do in the near future (clean out and redo my living room, donate some unused household items/clothing), and some more long term goals (overall health and well being).

I don't necessarily have a scrapping goal, just not to spend as much $$ on products I end up not using. *smacks self in the forehead*

I'm terrible at making resolutions so I opt to call them "goals". My goals for 2014... I'm going to try the monthly scrapbooking project again (I made it to March in 2013 lol) to see if I can make it at least half way through the year before falling behind. And of course getting back in shape before summer so I can work as a canoe guide with youth again. Oh the things I do to myself for fun smiley

I've learned over my years to not set resolutions because I usually don't keep them and then it starts the cycle to self-loathing, self-disappointment, yada yada yada... smiley But, on a crafting goal, I need to get my store up and running again. I also would like to start using the supplies I have instead of just stockpiling. smiley That's about it...

I wish everyone luck with their goals/resolutions. Usually I don't do resolutions because I can't stick to them LOL! But this year I've made a list (101 things to do in 1001 days which is about 2.75 years) so I'm looking forward to starting that and crossing a bunch of stuff off my list! smiley

I'll post a link to my list later, I'll be posting it on my blog today.

I hope everyone gets to work on their resolutions this year, and work hard to get where we want to be smiley

I just have two basic goals: keep the apartment cleaner for longer and read more fiction. I'll set more "personal improvement" goals as Ash Wednesday approaches. I find that Lent keeps me more honest. Something about not lying to God, I guess.

Here's my post about the 101 in 1001 list, you guys should check it out. It's going to be a fun project. smiley

As always, to stick to my diet.