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Remember when...?

Whether you are a traditional scrapper, a digital scrapper or maybe not much into scrapping, there is often a common interest in all and it is memory keeping and story sharing.
I started an activity in the Campus, today, called Remember when...?
It will be a series of weekly prompts to bring up a story you have stored in your head and probably don't have a photo for it, so you are likely NOT to scrap it.
Each prompt will be accompanied with one of my own stories, and time permitting, I will make a photoless layout for them.

If you want to join the fun, it is totally free, no registration, no fee, no requirement, no deadline.
Just stories to share.

Check out the introduction post :
and the first prompt: Santa was here:
and if you are looking for ideas on how to have a photoless layout, check this post:

Are you in?

This is lovely! I'm more of a storyteller than visual.

What a great concept! I will keep an eye on this one, even though I keep a diary for each kid recording their adventures from time to time, so I will not join in probably. I like the prompts idea though!

Melo, it is great that you have recordings for your kids, but how about yourself? How many stories could you record to share with your kids?