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Paper Scrapping -- Archivers

I know some of us still do some paper scrapping. If you live near an Archiver's store, you might want to make a visit to them. They sent out an email last week that they are going out of business and will have all their stores closed by mid-February.

Additionally, if you have a gift card from Archiver's or Archiver's Annex, you need to get it used before they close.

Sad news for me, it's the best place around for scrapbooking supplies because all of our local small stores have closed. That leaves Micheal's and Jo-ann's, and neither of those places carries specialty items.

Aww, I love Archivers and I always try to go to one when I travel. So sad!

I didnt have an Archivers near me in Florida but always went when visiting Colorado.