{PSCS3} How to pack custom shapes I made

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{PSCS3} How to pack custom shapes I made

Hi! Hope you all have a great year start. I have a doubt: i create a custom shape at PSCS3, but i wanna create some more and put all at the same folder or pack, how can i do this? Tia smiley

What I do is open them in the Preset manager.. select the ones I want to save, then click on Save set.

Thanks for the tip Bre! I´ll try it on. xo

I now have elements instead of Photoshop but what I have always done is create a folder for storing everything I make .... and I create an empty group and save it, then when I want to save a grouping I give it a name and save it in my file. That way I can open it and resave if I add something new or find it to use later. If I need a new grouping file I open the empty file and resave it with a name matching what I am creating .... i.e. : tag shapes

With my brushes I always have a regular hard brush in the empty file so I can go back and click on it if I am making several different brushes for the grouping. Hope this makes sense.