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Oh great smiley

Kristi: This page here should explain it a little better for you.
But basically they will be added to your account each day at a given time by Jordan & Marissa. He's working on this being at midnight in our own time zones, but I imagine it's a lot of computer coding to be done. I'm on the USA East Coast and I usually get mine between 6-8pm varies sometimes. smiley

On the chart on the aforementioned link you will notice that you are eligible to earn 6 to use daily, but are very close to earning 7 daily. They do not accumulate so you will need to use them each day. If you have any more questions let us know & welcome to!!!

Community Points can't actually be converted to Download Credits, but you can raise your daily DC limit by earning more Community Points. See here for more details. You will eventually reach a cap on your daily DC limit, at which point you have the option to donate for more DCs that won't expire.

Jordan, could you sticky this & update it?

I went here to check on the guidelines, because I was confused that the paper templates which were previously 2 DC were now 3 DC - I thought the 3 DC were for things such as layout templates or cluster templates, which has a lot of stuff in it...

Is there a way to download a bundle? I don't see one to Birds In Snow.

@Gail: full bundle downloads are coming soon. Here's the Birds in Snow bundle page, but no download button yet.

@Lizanne: Marisa announced a change in DC pricing for all PSD templates (which include some paper templates) here. The issue is that psd files are typically much larger (and thus more expensive to host and transfer) than jpg or png files. Remember that the DC pricing is in flux, though, and I would like to bring those psd prices down again, if possible...

We will always announce any changes to DC pricing, but for an up-to-date reference you can check out the download credits page, where I've just added a section on DC cost.

Thanks for your quick answer. I feel dumb because after I posted the question ans I went back and read the bundle page which told me the answer I missed the first time I was there.

I really love how this site is organized! Great job! smiley

this is really great and I have noticed a huge difference, thank you!

Was this changed? I guess so, the asset dls are 4 credits now, right?

Hi Cindy, no I have not changed anything recently with regards to download costs: assets should still be 1 credit for personal use, 2 for commercial. Can you post a link to the item in question?