Feeling Uninspired, Help Me With My Next Bundle

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Feeling Uninspired, Help Me With My Next Bundle

I'm finding after our holiday vacation that getting back into the swing of things is not really happening. It's time to start designing again after a month hiatus, but the ideas just aren't coming to me. I still have several "destination" bundles to work on, to get my own photos scrapped. I'm also considering a basic travel bundle, or a tea inspired bundle. But nothing yet has grabbed me enough to get me working. So I'm open to suggestions. If there's a theme you'd love to see, or colors, let me know. Maybe your idea will be the one to get me going.

I´m in need for some arrow shapes for my next kits...

And a Chinese New Year bundle (yes, it´s almost that time again). My Chinese New Year Dream bundle should includes red, yellow and green... It should be very vibrant, with lots of glitter accents... Imagine something like your Bedouin Nights, but chinese, lol.

The palette, maybe being something like this?

Yes, know, there are lots of commercial designers who have chinese new year´s kits, but none of them really matches my pictures. either they look bad with red, or with the greens, or too cutesy. and the Chinese New Year is a really coloful celebration...

it can be a really crowded celebration too - even if you´re not in china:

(each of these pics were taken in one of the previous three years. the official colors for chinese new year are red and yellow, and, as you can see, my town´s celebration has animal mascots according to the chinese star signs...)

Winter Olympics are coming up....

maybe a kit for marathoners?

@Lorien: Not to let the cat out the bag, but there might be a CNY kit coming your way soon...

Yaaaaaaaay smiley Glad to know...

For some reason I could only see the first picture, but MAN those are some beautiful colors! How do I post a picture in the thread? I don't know what the URL means. Sorry! Does that mean posting only from a site like FB or Flickr?

Just trying this out. Sorry if it didn't work!

@Melinda: I edited your post in the way your picture appear. I went to the page on flikr you tried to post, then clicked on the picture with right mouse buttom, clicked one of the sizes (a small one), then clicked on the picture again with the right mouse button and clicked on the option "Copy image url". Then, I paste it on the add image in the same way you did. If you need more detailed instructions, see this topic, but the trick is: to appear, you need to have a link that ends eiter in .jpg or in .png

And I do agree: those colors are awesome!


I would love to see a bundle that has wilderness stuff. Canoes, kayaks, tents, bears, mosquitoes, campfires, paddles, moose, deer, foot prints, boots, things like that.

It seems many people are thinking about sunny weather and warmer climates about now, hoping for spring to come soon. So perhaps a kit about areas near the equator. Northern Africa, Mediterranean, Caribbean, India, etc.

When's your theoretical date of release? I have a few ideas but it depends...

I need at least one more kit for February, and then beyond.

I got one for you, Marisa... You just came back from Mexico. How about a kit with a Mexican theme? Maybe stuff on the Cancun area? (a popular destination many go to)

I'll definitely be doing a Mexico bundle sometime, but it's a bit too soon to get started on it. Still processing some other "destinations."

And don't forget those of us who don't get the opportunity to travel outside our own communities...some kits designed around general family activities aimed at both families and kids would help (though mine are grown now, I still need to catch up on some of the remnant high school pics!)-- things like: winter dance, basketball/wrestling/gymnastics tournaments (and I agree with Karry, this is an Olympic year), spring break, spring fling, dance recitals, band/choir competitions, prom, spring sports...For down the road, there's garage sale season, bake sales and graduations around the corner, Mother's/Father's Day, bridal showers/bachelor parties and church picnics, beach parties and water skiing...and of course summer camping with some outdoor elements like Terry suggested. In fact, that may be a GREAT summer blog train idea....my head is spinning...

ooooo... i like this idea too... a summer kit including outdoor activities like camping, hiking, drive-ins, amusement parks, bike riding, concerts on the lawn...

and of course summer camping with some outdoor elements like Terry suggested. In fact, that may be a GREAT summer blog train idea....my head is spinning...

For those of you thinking about a indoor activities kit, have you tried to use Khaki Scouts bundle? It worked very well for a page I made for my first time geocaching, and I think it´s a good idea. It doesn´t have too many flowers, but blends well with Lake District bundle (also good for outdoors by itself), and you can also use Sheila´s flowers from It´s Christmas Flowers and branches, turkey time and maybe some other of her kits will blend well too... As we can download individual ellies, I think it´s pretty easy to make your own outdoors bundle using what´s available...

Marisa, may I ask something else? Here in my piece of the world we are facing a disturbing time. Our economy is a bubble ready to explode (and when it happens the crisis will be even worse than the one you´re all facing in US), and social tensions are rising every week. Day by day we are seeing more people suffering from intolerance. I´d like to have an art-journal oriented kit about tolerance, co-existence and human rights, to create pretty pieces of digital art to face this tumoil. Thanks smiley

how about a road trip/cross country theme in the future? I know I'm definitely going to need a kit for that! smiley

Birthday? Spring break? honeymoon? Groundhog Day?

If you do a tolerance kit I have a fabulous pic for it...a pic of my cute little girl holding hands with her cousin...one little white hand and one little brown one...always makes me think of MLKJ's dream speech.

@Sharilynn: We're planning a summer road trip too (coast to coast) so I'm sure I'll have to get on that theme at some point too.

whoo hooo can't wait to see what you do with that idea Marisa. And I'm soooo jealous! I wanna go on a summer roadtrip from coast to coast. smiley

Marisa, I went through the same exact thing after the holidays...my inspiration just left me. Then, while I was at my sis-in-laws, my niece asked me why not make a valentines type kit...I thought it would be too cliche, and there would be many Valentines kits coming out soon, but she insisted that I at least "start" on one for her, and see where it goes, so I did, and my inspiration came back...I'm sure yours is already back in full swing,haha.....I love the global versatility of your kits!! I can't wait to see what you will have up your sleeves:)

I see you've written this about a month ago and I know you've already been adding more great kits since then, but I just had to share as I didn't see anyone else jumping up and down for a tea kit.

see this? ----> smiley smiley -that's me, jumping up and down for a tea kit!!! just imagine the animation, lol.

I LOVE the idea of a tea kit...maybe tea & crumpets???? Something cute, cozy, relaxing, maybe you could add a library shelf of books too....there's alot you can do with tea time!

Perhaps this could be a blog train with mini kits and all sorts of teas and cookies and kettles etc...??? smiley

I'm still considering the tea kit. As in, I know I want to make one, I'm just not exactly sure how I want it to look.

When I think tea kit, I think Tea Party. Some things that come to mind are cakes, cookies, tea cups, tea kettles, tea bags, decanters, lace, fancy hats, silver, pearl, and bead elements, flowers, boas, anything fancy/pretty/feminine. Even teddy bears or dolls for party guests and a table and chairs smiley) Over the top girly would be great for lots of people wanting to scrap their kids tea parties.

OR your could go with a Japanese theme, for tea ceremonies. my oldest daughter did a study abroad in Japan in 2012 and I still have not scrapped the pictures. Not the greatest from a photographer stand point, but the memories in the scrapbook is what is important. ;0)

Preparing tea in this ceremony means pouring all one's attention into the predefined movements. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about aesthetics, preparing a bowl of tea from one's heart. Learn more here

@Michele: I love the tea party idea too!

Very interesting about the tea ceremony, I do something similar with my baking! smiley Thanks for sharing this it is really inspiring! x

Thanks Eve!

I started to post pictures of my daughter's tea party but I think you can find lots of great tea party inspiration on Pinterest. My go to site for inspiration.

@Michelle: I LOVE those pictures of tea-cerimony. I don´t think they are "Not the greatest from a photographer stand point" - I could feel the enviroment through them.

Nice idea of a tea kit, whatever route it takes...