Opening PSP Forum & New Moderators

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Opening PSP Forum & New Moderators

We've got two moderators for the PaintShop Pro forum, so if that's your software of choice, stop by and say hi!

Tina Campanale
Wilma Schout

Also, we have a new moderator for the Digital Scrapbooking Discussion, please welcome Melouise Vrijhof.

Thanks ladies!

Hi Tina and Wilma. I recently purchased PSP X5. I find it overwhelming to get anything done in it. Do you have simple tutorials, printable?

Congrats to the PaintShop Pro users for their own forum and a big welcome to TinaC & Wilma for heading it up!!!

Welcome Melouise and thanks so much for being a big part in helping us out in Digi SB Discussion! smiley

Thanks for the great welcome! It's great to finally have this forum open. I've been using PSP for about 6 years (currently using PSP XI) and I am still learning new things. It did seem a little overwhelming at first but once I found some good tutorials, away I went.

Come and see me in the PSP forum, I'll be glad to help any way I can. Is there something particular you want to know how to do?
Let me know by visiting me HERE smiley

See you soon.

Yay! So excited about the PSP forum... (thank you Wilma & Tina!)

I started out with PSP Pro Photo XI, but my husband bought me X4 when he got our new desktop this spring (he thought he was being nice) & I don't really like it right now... It is SO different - I'm having a hard time - all the options are in different places & the buttons are gone. I want XI back SOoooo bad. There must be something good about the new version (new features or what not), but what it is I don't know... I find that everything takes me longer because I can't find the options, so trying to make stuff for the December blog train was quite miserable for me when it should have been fun.