Text on kit pages is misleading and incorrect

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Text on kit pages is misleading and incorrect

Before registering or logging in, the following text is shown on kit pages:

* Upon registration you will be able to download any kit or bundle of your choice for free. After this, you will receive free downloads every day via our download credit system.

However, once you register and/or log in, you find out that only subscribers can download a kit or bundle, not just anyone who registers.

Unless I'm missing something, this text is misleading and incorrect. Part of the reason I registered was to download a free kit, but then I found out that I can't unless I pay first. So it's not really free after registration. smiley

Hi Mars, you should absolutely receive one free kit download when you register at Pixel Scrapper. If you did not receive a free kit download, then something is not right. I will look into this asap and try to get it sorted out.

@Mars: I just checked your download history, and according to our logs you downloaded the "Elementery My Dear" papers kit back in September when you first joined the site. You can see a notice of this by visiting that kit page, and you can also re-download that kit for free.

Strange. I know I downloaded some of the individual papers, but I don't think I download the whole kit. Oh well... smiley