does anybody not do Christmas

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does anybody not do Christmas

I just made this layout and posted it on my facebook because I want people to know I'm just not into Christmas, I'm not some sad depressed old lady. I was really happy with the responses I got. Everyone wished me a pleasant what ever "I " want day LOL

We do very minimal Christmas... but thats because its just the two of us for now. I think we'll get more "into" it when we have kids. smiley I say do what makes you happy, and if stressing over elaborate decorations or fancy Christmas dinners doesn't make you happy... then why in the world would you do it?! smiley

I don't "do" Christmas either, but that's because there's only the two of us and our place is too small to have a tree or decorations. Plus, we don't have any family or friends here that we're really close to that we would spend the holidays with, so we just relax and enjoy the time off. Plus its so much cheaper this way... smiley

I don't see all the decorations etc as being what Christmas is really about. For me it is more about spending time with family and friends. I guess we "do" Christmas because we have young children and having the tree decorations etc makes the whole lead up so much more special and wonderous in their eyes. And putting up the tree etc is just one of those special family traditions. I don't however stress about having to have everything perfect, a huge perfect meal, decorations everywhere etc and concentrate more on spending time together as a family.

I've never been big on decorating for anything. It seemed silly and tiring to constantly be changing out household decor.

yep after 4 hours of putting up the awesomest tree ever and another WHOLE DAY taking it down ...thanks to getting all those lights out and detangling them ,,,I'm pretty much over it too ...until next time lol

I would love to not do it, but I have to do it for my family.

We don't do Christmas really here either. What I mean by that is no tree, and all that extra decorating & stress. We do put a wreath on the door and then we put snowflake lights in the windows and few wintery things in the house. Blue & White, no red & green. And keep them up for a few months. We do a similar sort of decorating for the 4 main seasons. But then there are years we don't do any of it. But like most have said here... it's just the two of us and it's too much hoopla for naught. smiley Now, we do go to the big events with extended family, but it's at their houses. smiley