Making Chalkboard Sketches

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It seems now I need to use my pencil back. Thanks for the tips Brooke Gazarek smiley

COOL! might have to try this using my grandkids drawings. thanks for sharing. smiley

Thanks so much!
Awesome info...hoping to try it soon!

Thanks Brooke! Can't wait to start sketching - it looks amazing in the end!!!

I used this tutorial a lot for making my next digiscrap kit. I´m far away of being a good doodler as Brooke is, but I´d like to share this page I made with the elements created using this tutorial. Thank you Brooke, I just loved it smiley

Wow! I always wondered how in the world it was done!! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I am excited to try it!

My mind is spinning with all the ideas I now have after I tried this!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Have you seen this layout by Heather Neal? She uses two papers and one element I made using this tecnnique:

@Lórien - your doodles look great!!! both layouts you posted by you and Heather are so fun!!

This is brilliant! Great work, dear, and thanks for sharing the tips. smiley

OMG... that is amazing. And yes, now I only wish I could draw/sketch!

WOW what an easy and cute idea. I use Paintshop Pro, but I could still get this to work. Thank you.

So cool! I can't wait to try this.

Ready to try, thanks! smiley

Ready to try, thanks! smiley

Thank you for sharing

This tuto is just amazing ! Thank you so much ! smiley smiley

What a great (and simple) tutorial! Can't wait to get some time to play with this.

Wow, awesome tutorial. I've only just started looking around this website and all I can say is WOW - what a wealth of information! I wish I could save my favourite tutorial with a heart like the other stuff.

Excellent! I can now put some of my little drawings and doodles in! Thanks for sharing this one!

Can't wait to try this!

Now if only I could draw! LOL
Actually, I could do this with hubby's drawings or even some of the kids' artwork!

That is fabulous! Now all I need is a scanner lol!

Nice tutorial! I love this chalkboard effect. Now I am looking for one on how to make the black board itself.

I love this Tutorial, gracias

Thanks for this tutorial. I especially love all the screengrabs you've included - really makes it nice and simple to follow!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing this

What a great idea! And you don't even need to be able to draw to use it - just doodling and scribbling words would look good!