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Thank you for this tutorial. I wondered why I had jagged edges.

There is so much I can finally do with Photoshop. And this saves so much time!

Thanks so much for all of these tutorials. If I have any type of question, I can always refer to this forum.

I think this is my favorite tut so far! Definitely gonna be keeping this one handy...LOL! smiley

Great tutorial - thank you!

Gracias por el consejo

very cool tip! I was wondering how we used the templates with the different shades not using the marching ants and selecting each one individually. LoL I still have so much to learn. smiley

Thanks for such clear instructions. Will be using this one a lot.

This is great! I've been using PS for many years for my photography. So excited to learn techniques that apply to shapes!

That's a tip worth remembering. thank you!!


Thank you for sharing the tips. Always love learning.

just wondering, does this not work for ps elements 12? Whenever I use the lock button I can't paint on it at all.

@Tricia: I'm not sure how it looks in PSE, but there are several "locking" options. If you click on the actual lock, that will lock everything. For coloring (in Photoshop) you want to choose the first option:

Thank you so much for this section in the forums! New quiker ways to learn things is always so nice and helpful!!

Another great tip. Fun stuff. Thanks.



Very useful! Thanks a lot!

Hi would these tuts work for PSP or do you know.

The more I read these tutorials, the more I see I know nothing about PS!

Awesome, great tip! Thanks for sharing!

Love this tut thank-you

Thank-you this is wonderful!

I get it, thanks! smiley

Thanks so much for this tip! I appreciate very much the short, direct approach to your tutorials, especially this one on the recoloring process. I have found no other means on the internet that makes this process so simple to do, in just a few steps. I have adopted some of your methods and incorporate them regularly. What a time saver!

Is there some method or procedure in determining which paint can mode option to select during the recolor process in PS Elements? I find it very confusing and it always seems like trial and error to get the results I want. The selections are obviously grouped together into 6 sections for a reason. Nevertheless, I find one or more will give some interesting results while others show no change. I find myself spending much time continually trying out most of them in the hope of obtaining the effect I'm looking for in nearly every instance. I am not even considering the effect of layering when the results are varied. Perhaps video tutorial(s) illustrating the effect of color selection and how each of the paint can modes available alter the appearance of a given object under certain circumstances can be explained. It would be most helpful to cover as many of these 27 available modes as possible such as dissolve, behind, darken, multiply, color burn, screen, hard light, pin light, hue, saturation, color, luminosity, and more. Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks.

@Cathy: I usually just use "normal" when using the paint can. I use the other modes on my layers occasionally, just by playing around and seeing how things look. It always different based on what colors are above and below.

Thanks Marisa for the tip. I'll keep it in mind.

I have been trying this but no luck,I am going to follow and see what happens.