Download credits didn't reboot

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Download credits didn't reboot

I am new here and trying my best to read requirements etc. I know that DC "reboot" at midnight.....I am at 0 today. Wondering what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for any help you might be.
-Jodi R

Jodi: Depending on your time zone, they reboot at a different time for everyone right now. I believe Jordan is trying to find a solution to this, so it will be midnight in each of our local time zones. But for now it only renews at midnight his and Marisa's timezone... Which for me has been about 6pm on the East Coast (GMT -4) until the time change this weekend. smiley Hope this helps!

Does help a lot! Thank you, Shawna!

Ok... Well... after I told you all that which was the truth. smiley My DC's didn't renew at 6 and they're still not there at 7:40pm EST I've never had a problem getting mine by now until today, so... there actually may be a little problem. LoL

Hopefully Jordan will see this tonight and check into it. Maybe if other people haven't gotten there's today, they will add to this post so he will know if it's just a certain time zone, certain country, etc.

@Jodi: Whooo Hooo, mine just renewed for the day in the last few minutes. It's 8:18p here now. I'm still GMT -4 until Sat night, then I'll be GMT -5 So... yours should probably be there now too. smiley

@Shawna- mine are there too! YAY! Thanks for your help with this....happy downloading! smiley

Yeah, sorry for the inconsistency on the DC updating... it's a little tricky with the time zones, and going through everyone's accounts, etc... as you can see, there's potentially some variation in time.

I hope to normalize it in the future so that it will be consistent for everyone in their given time zone (eg midnight for everyone in their local time), as Shawna said.

I have not had any issues with the reboot until today. I love all the assets/templates and come to visit nearly every day. I don't know specifically what time the reboot has been occurring for me but until today, I have always had the points in the account in the morning so this seems to be an anomaly!!

I 0'd out my DC count yesterday before 9:30 pm CST. My DCs didn't renew today. Please help... I would like to accumulate some assets to complete a challenge before the 30th thanks for the help!

Hi Demetria, sorry for your troubles. Did your DC ever reboot? Currently, the DC do not necessarily reboot at exactly the same time every day... it might be plus or minus a couple of hours from what you are expecting... we hope to improve the system soon smiley

Just wondering if the time lag is still the case? I am new to this site as of yesterday, I live on the East Coast of the US and I have not received my DC for the day. I also have not received to 25 bonus DC's. Will they all just appear in my account, or is there something I need to do to retrieve them?
Love your site, by the way. smiley

p.s. I can't upload a photo of myself until I get back home- I had to do a factory reset of my laptop and lost everything that I had on my computer.

@Siggi: yes, you may still see a delay in your credits being topped off: it will not necessarily happen overnight, and may take up to 26 hours.

Regarding the 25 bonus credits, it seems that you joined the site just after we sent those out, which is why you didn't receive them. I've gone ahead and given them to you manually. Merry Christmas.

Did I receive the 25 bonus points. Is there a way for you to check? Thank you!