ISO: Commercial use Lacrosse kit

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ISO: Commercial use Lacrosse kit

Looking for Lacrosse for Commercial use. Unable to find sports kits for commercial use. Pixelscrapper has some nice sports kits, but not Lacrosse. Has anyone seen any? Maybe Brooke will make some Lacrosse kits.

OMG, I needed to google Lacrosse because I didn´t had any idea on what is it about, lol. If anyone else is wondering, it´s an american team sport, that, in my oppinion, looks like hockey played without skates and with a kind of golf club with a smashed tennis apparel on the bottom...

Beverly, I moved your topic for digital scrapbook discussion forum and changed the title, in a way people who can help you find the topic easier.

Thank you Lorien. The American Indians first played in place of war. Pretty neat history.

Sounds a fun thing smiley

I thought it was probably Lacost haha, as I also never heard about it... but today I've learned something new again smiley Beverly, sorry I couldn't help (at all) but have you found what you were looking for yet?