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Best Drawing Tablet

Hi All
Well it is official - I can honestly say I am officially addicted to Digital Scrapbooking! I am loving developing new objects from templates and photo's I have taken.
I am looking at buying a tablet so I utilise my drawing skills in my scrapbooking as well - I just can't do it with a mouse and would rather use a pen and stylus.
What are people using? What works well and doesn't with photoshop? I am using a windows based computer...

Anita: Please see this post here already started on the drawing tablets subject. In order to keep the forums more navigatable & easier to find topics we try to keep duplicate posts to a minimum. So, I will lock this thread to keep all the answers coming in the one thread. Feel free to ask additional questions there if it hasn't been answered once you read through it. smiley

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