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I have a job interview! And it would let me earn enough to be an adult! And it's with an advocacy agency! So send me some good vibes tomorrow - cause I would be so happy to be back on my feet, earning enough to pay bills and rent somewhere.

Good Luck. I am sure you will do great.

Good luck!! And good vibes coming your way!!

Wow Amber, congratulations! I wish not only that you get this job, but also that you love it when you´re there - even in Mondays, lol.

Good luck!

Good Luck.. hope everything comes out good!! smiley

The interview went well on Tuesday. They said that I would be hearing back "very very soon" I'm not really sure what that translates to.

I hope that expresion is positive smiley Please, do tell us how it ends up!

That sounds like a good sign, Amber. smiley

I'm keeping you in my thoughts Amber, good luck! And it does sound like a positive response smiley

I happened to have to drive up to Knoxville to see my sisters last Friday, and asked if I could pop into the office to introduce myself. They were delighted that I thought to do that. The person who would be my supervisor was out for the day due to Family, but I was told they had three more interviews to do. Then they would pick their top two to come back and if they needed to accommodate me on a Saturday, they would. It's been a week, and no peep, but the weather has been crazy here in the Southeastern United States. So maybe I should give it one more week before I call back?

@Amber: We have family in the Knoxville area, too. smiley I wish you all the best on the position and hope you hear back soon! My hubby's company started the interview process early Jan and they are still interviewing and playing catching up. So, it doesn't mean the job is gone yet. Keep the faith! Good Luck! smiley

I hope you hear back soon!!! smiley

Hi, Amber! I, too, hope you have a good result from your job interview. Stay positive, and remember that a lot of people wish you well!