Using Inner Shadow Style to Make a Cutout

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I love this effect and it's so easy to do! Thank you for sharing it.

I finally did it!!! It looks great. As I already told all of you, am new on this, but starting to get the hang of it, and love in it.
Thinks so much!!!!! smiley

If anyone figures out how to do it in photoshop elements, please post!

I absolutely LOVE this tutorial...been wonder how this was I a HUGE thank you smiley

I found this tutorial for Photoshop Elements. I got the text cut-out effect to work well. Then I tried a cookie-cutter shape and that worked well. I was not as satisfied with the effect when I tried to use patterned paper. Play around with it and see what happens.

I found a tutorial for how to do this in Photoshop Elements. I tried it out and it works great. It's in Step 3: Create an Inset Shape.

Thank you!

thank you!

Thank you!

Marisa, I love your tutorials...they get right to it! Thank you so much for making cutouts so clear!

Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Now i don't have to make a hole in my papers. smiley

Thanks for the quick and easy tutorial.

Ha!!!.... easy as that! Thanks. smiley

Thanks so much for this. I love love love clipping masks. =P

Ooohhh! Thanks so much!!! It's great!

never thought of this super tip, thank you

Sweet! Thanks!

Thanks. Another useful tool. smiley

Great tutorial, i made always the circle but if i give an shadow on it, it always on one side....thank you.

Wow! How cool, I am learning so much. Thank you xxx

Really nice! Lots of possibilities with this trick! Thank you!

Love this!! Thank you

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!